Whew, Karen.  You’re a handful.  Look how much I write in response to how little you say.  Your writing is some dense nonsense.  Boy.  Unpacking the nonsense in one of your blogs is, whew.

Splitting has an actual meaning in professional psychology, Karen.  That’s where I’ll go next if you keep referring to dissociative “split personality” pathology as “splitting” – it’s not.  Use professional terms correctly please, otherwise you will simply sow confusion.

I feel like I’ve just had tea with the Hatter.

via Karen… saying so much in so little.


Karen… saying so much in so little.

You probably would have gotten away with the trans-generational, but you went for a two-fer and added “narrative” to your Shopping Cart.  Shouldn’t get greedy, Karen.

Dr. Childress: the trans-generational transmission of trauma through the trauma reenactment narrative.

Karen Woodall: the trans-generational narrative (the use of metaphor in the family)

I don’t know where you’re going to grab from next, Karen.  Just to give you a heads up, I’ll be headed over to cognitive dissonance next, so if you want to beat me there you better hurry up.  Or you can just show up later and say you were there first, whatever you want, because truth and reality are what you assert them to be, right Karen?

via You crack me up, Karen. Seriously.

You crack me up, Karen. Seriously.

So I just read this from Karen Woodall’s upcoming Conference Call seminar thing:

From Woodall:  “Using the counter intuitive approach which is recognized as necessary in these cases, Karen will demonstrate the ways in which parents and practitioners…”

Counter-intuitive?  You know what that means… that means everyone else on the planet thinks it’s a bad idea – Karen, don’t do that – and Karen says, “No, it’ll be fine. It’s… counter-intuitive”

No, Karen.  When everybody on the planet says, “Bad idea” – it’s a bad idea, it’s not “counter-intuitive.”

via Now you’re scaring me, Karen

Now you’re scaring me, Karen

Pediatrics Conference 2019 is focused on the theme “Pediatrics, Child Health and Development: Hope for our Future.”

Our main aim is to provide a common stage to all the researchers, delegates and students to take part in this upcoming Pediatrics Conference to experience scientific discussions, express their ideas and gain knowledge in the field of pediatrics and child care like general pediatrics, pediatric cardiology, pediatric neurology, pediatric nephrology, pediatric emergency and critical care, pediatric rheumatology, pediatric endocrinology, pediatric pulmonary medicine, and etc.

via Pediatrics, Child Health and Development

Pediatrics, Child Health and Development

I don’t think the LA could legitimately ISSUE care proceedings on a child who was now 17, but if the proceedings are already in force, this paragraph does create an argument for keeping them open until the Court is in a position to make final Children Act 1989 orders, notwithstanding that the Court can’t make the orders that were actually applied for.

via Can you make an Interim Care Order that lasts beyond the child’s 17th birthday?

Can you make an Interim Care Order that lasts beyond the child’s 17th birthday?


They would ALSO lose the support networks of their malicious minions they control and incite to abuse other people. Yes, they have those weak people that they draw into their agenda that are more apt to be described as the abusive soldiers (minions) or their ‘yes men’ that support the Narcissist’s convoluted world and lies. It is purely the guilt that they carry around with them and what ALWAYS undermines every relationship they have because they are always preparing for their departure by pre-killing their targets/victims. Therefore, Narcissists have a strong motivation to attack, discredit, harass, and ruin anybody that has the potential to present arguments and facts that might tend to raise questions and doubts about their abusive behaviors and their false statements. You will never find one single stable relationship that they have been in that they remain friends with that person. Instead the target/victim is repulsed by their past association with the Narcissist to say the least! So the best way to protect themselves is to murder a person’s integrity first!via Let’s start the New Year right with consistent and strong education/knowledge about this abuse to bring clarity and truth BACK into our life.

Let’s start the New Year right with consistent and strong education/knowledge about this abuse to bring clarity and truth BACK into our life.

Move forward in time to now. All his children are now older adults and every one, all SIX, either have diagnosed mental conditions or are alcoholics and/or drug addicts.  Many act narcissistic, volatile and even violent. Not one lives alone, travels alone, or lives independently. They seek instant pleasure and gratification all day and cannot maintain longer term goals.

They are ALL self-entitled and will only allow their “great, boy-toy” father to come around them if he bails them out of trouble, buys them something, takes them out to eat, or entertains them.  These adult-children expertly use and abuse him. But does Mr. Oh notice this abuse? Not at all: They ALL entertain one another.  Mr. Oh thinks his children are doing wonderfully and he brags about their great jobs: one child is supposedly becoming a Navy Seal. This “child” is going on 30 years old, has no military experience, is making no attempt to get military service, and shows himself wildly partying on the internet. When I brought this fact up to Mr. Oh, he attacked me for “attacking” his object of illusion, delusion…his “image” (his child) that provides him instant entertainment and pleasure.

via A Narcissist or Sociopath Father

Narcissist or Sociopath Father

YES You Can Heal Your Life

All the theory in the world is useless unless we know how to apply it and make change.

The principles we will be working with at our Emotional Healing Retreat are:

We offer group retreats or one to one bespoke retreats with follow-up support online through Skype or FB or Whats App.

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We look forward to welcoming you. Continue reading “Heal Your Life”

Heal Your Life

The Narcissist is an EXTREME egotist that denies the truth of their repulsive world to themselves and cleverly hides it by the means of a false reflection or mask to pathologically fool or snare us into their grasp. The more the Narcissist is able to successfully ‘seduce’ others and convince them that they are loved or liked the more the bounty (supply) for the Narcissist. They are self-created, or better yet, self-de-created, and then FALSELY re-created. What is re-created is not a self, but a reflection or ‘FUNCTIONAL” copy of a working image of a human being. It is a compilation of observations the Narcissist has made from watching people and mirroring what he/she sees back onto them – imitating their good qualities, likes/dislikes, everything and anything ESPECIALLY that CHARM and love to draw us into their web of deceit. They really bring home the definition of ‘having something in common’ with people. They MORPH into having EVERYTHING in common with us – and there are MANY of us in every walk of life that they use on a daily basis.

via Just how do they keep those MANY lies all shored up with so many people being NONE the wiser?

Just how do they keep those MANY lies all shored up with so many people being NONE the wiser?

via Emotional Baiting!

Emotional Baiting!