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Another participant told of allying himself with his brutal and domineering father against his mother and siblings, “He ended up getting joint custody and I was supposed to be in my father’s house four days of each week and with my mother the other three days. I believed that everyone else was wrong and that my father was right and that he was the one that actually cared about me and everyone else just wanted to do me harm. I was probably going to my mother’s for a while but my father had pretty much a system set up and basically what he would do was kind of manipulate everything where I didn’t want to be there since I would rather be with him because of what he had told me and how he made it seem like everyone was bad so he basically would tell me how to act and behave while I was there and be mean to them and I was very verbally and physically abusive to my other family members at the direction of my father because I was blaming them for me not being with him.” Eventually this participant cut off all contact with his mother for several years.

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