A New Chapter About to Begin

Well what a year!

There have been some lows but there has also been many highs.

Out of something bad always comes something good if you remain positive and true to yourself and don’t hurt anyone along the way.

I have lost my brother who was my knight in shining armour, I lost one of my precious dogs. I have had to observe some shocking disturbing behaviour from a family member and been unable to do anything!

But I have found some new amazing authentic friends.

Had some lovely summer evenings entertaining outside.

Visited many night markets and watched fabulous fireworks.

Watched my amazing Grandson achieve incredible things despite difficulties.

Visited some awesome new places here in France.

Completed 3 more courses and passed with distinctions.

Expanded my business and received some exceptional testimonials.

Worked through a self development course and discovered many things about myself I did not previously know, giving me the tools to move forward in confidence and grace, not letting my past define me.

Made a decision with my husband to move to pastures new, we are ready for a new adventure.

So the good things far out weigh the bad, but I should really say the sad!

Some things are out of our control and we have to learn to live the best life we possibly can, and surround ourselves with love and positive energy.

Feeling very blessed.

Looking forward to the future. New beginnings.

Love to you all

Linda – Always By Your Side

You Are Not Your Thoughts

How Many Can You Tick?

The Family Tree

Gold Standard Therapies

PTSD treatments generally fall into two broad categories: past-focused and present-focused (or their combination) [4]. Past-focused PTSD models ask clients to explore their trauma in detail to promote “working through” or processing of painful memories, emotions, beliefs and/or body sensations about the trauma. In contrast, present-focused PTSD models focus on psychoeducation and coping skills to improve current functioning in domains such as interpersonal, cognitive, and behavioral skills. Examples of past-focused models include Prolonged Exposure (PE) Therapy, Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT), Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), and Narrative Exposure Therapy. Examples of present-focused models include Cognitive Therapy for PTSD, Seeking Safety, and Stress Inoculation Training. Thus far, the preponderance of evidence indicates that both types (past- and present-focused) work, and neither consistently outperforms the other in terms of outcomes based on RCTs [3]. The majority of RCTs have focused on past-focused models, however, thus leading to the term “gold standard therapies” for models such as PE, CPT and EMDR (e.g. [5]).


Coaching, Counselling and Therapy

Therapy In Cases Of Parental Alienation

The issue of therapy manipulated by brainwashing and alienating parents and the modifications of memory that can occur must likewise be understood. A competent evaluator must be able to describe memory interference and explain the effects of therapy and modifications of reality within the child, by interviewers and therapists. Take for example the child who has not been abused by a parent, but who nonetheless is taken for therapy for the alleged (but false) abuse. At first, the child’s denial that any such abuse happened may well be met with the therapist asking repeated questions about the alleged abuse.

Therapy in Cases of Parental Alienation

The Key to Mental Health

The Parasympathetic Nervous System

The Limbic System