A prosecution for perverting the course of justice

Specific Public Interest Factors A prosecution for perverting the course of justice is more likely to be required where: a false complaint was motivated by malice; a false complaint was sustained over a period of time (particularly where there were opportunities to retract); the person originally accused was charged and remanded in custody; the person […]

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Once a person has been proven to have wasted police time, a penalty of up to six months imprisonment and a fine can be issued. When authorities consider charges against those who waste police time, prosecutors will determine when the offence occurred and whether it is possible for an out of court penalty to be […]

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“surveillance” of Facebook accounts was common

What The Times say is that the study they are referring to found ‘“surveillance” of Facebook accounts was common. Social workers used fake profiles to “friend” parents in cases where their posts were not publicly viewable. They watched parents’ relationships and behaviour, looking out for factors such as abusive partners or drug use. Oddly, I’ve been able to […]

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