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Parental Personality Disorder Traits

Since the child’s expression of personality disorder symptoms are not endogenous to the functioning of the child’s own nervous system, but instead represent the acquired expressions of the alienating parent’s own personality disordered processes through the child’s enmeshed psychological relationship with this personality disordered parent, the child’s display of personality disorder symptoms acts as a lens into the personality disorder structure of the alienating parent. Within the family relationship processes classically referred to as “parental alienation,” the allied and favored parent possesses narcissistic and borderline personality disorder traits that represent the constellated product of insecure anxious-disorganized/anxious-preoccupied attachment networks (Agrawal, Gunderson, Holmes, & Lyons-Ruth, 2004 Brennan & Shaver, 1998; Fonagy, et al., 2003; Holmes, 2004; Jellema, 2000; Levy, 2005; Lyddon & Sherry, 2001).

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