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Nothing changes 24 years on!!

Last post for some time, nothing more to say.

Just getting some paper work together for Tax and NI. Had to give dates of divorce etc so delved into the very large lever arch files I have kept throughout the years.

Came across this one that says it all!!!!

It was the one and only holiday he ever took them on before the battle began for 9 years. My children were 11 and 13 at the time and I did not see my daughter again for 9 years and my son for 15 apart from 6 weeks with the social worker during the proceedings.

I did not want a residence order, there was no need of a residence order!!!!! (see section on residence orders)

Came across this letter from my solicitor to my ex’s solicitor in February 1992 before the decree absolute- read on – it speaks volumes and nothing has changed and it still goes on 24 years later. 

On one could ever accuse me of not trying – 10 lessons learned

solicitors letter page 1
Parental Alienation 24 years on – 1
solicitors letter page 2
Parental Alienation 24 years on – 2