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Narcissism – The 21st Century Epidemic

The 21st Century has brought with it a narcissistic epidemic, and a flood of traumatised victims that end up in the therapy room.  Unfortunately, Narcissism and  Narcissistic Victim Abuse (NVS) are subjects that most therapists are unaware of, leaving them ill equipped for recognizing and working with victims suffering from this devastating form of abuse, an abuse that strips them of their identity. From the boardroom to the bedroom, narcissists are everywhere; they can be parents, partners, friends, bosses, siblings—no one is safe. This form of abuse goes way beyond physical and psychological injury, it strikes at the very soul of the victim, leaving them wondering whether they are literally going mad. It is imperative for everyone to understand the relationship dynamics that exists between the narcissist and their victims, i.e. their need for entitlement, control, power, grandiosity and specialness.

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Narcissistic Personality Test?

Narcissism in personality trait generally conceived of as excessive self love. In Greek mythology Narcissus was a man who fell in love with his reflection in a pool of water.

PAS resources

Narcissistic personality disorder

S Akhtar – The Disorders: Specialty Articles from the Encyclopedia …, 2001 –
a high regard for authority and strict inner morality, while the narcissist is often Kernberg, OF
(1975).” Borderline Conditions and Pathological Narcissism.” Jason Aronson, New York.
Developmental aspects in the assessment of narcissistic and so-called borderline personalities.

[BOOK] Borderline personality disorder: A clinical guide

JG Gunderson – 2009 –
For most families, the primary treatments are parental coaching and assisted problem solving
The de- velopment and influence of the Borderline Personality Disorder Re- search Foundation,
the explicit family ad- vocacy groups, and the adoption of BPD as a brain disease by the

[HTML] MMPI-2 validity scales and suspected parental alienation syndrome

JC Siegel, JS Langford – American Journal of Forensic Psychology, 1998 –
(17) have found that parents with narcissistic personality disturbances were Wakefield H,
Underwager R: Personality characteristics of parents making false accusations of sexual ME:
Shared parenting agreements after marital separation: the roles of empathy and narcissism.

Parental alienation disorder and DSM-V

W Bernet – The American Journal of Family Therapy, 2008 – Taylor & Francis
Is antisocial personality disorder any more real than psychopathy? finally, there is an enormous
debate among child and adolescent psychiatrists as to the proper definition of childhood bipolar
disorder. Is autism caused by narcissistic mothers, immunizations, or something else

[HTML] The empowerment of children in the development of parental alienation syndrome

RA Gardner – American journal of forensic psychology, 2002 –
may be aided by the alienated parent if that parent is passive by personality or becomes of
narcissism was not justifiable with the utilization of the more stringent criteria for narcissism to
be But even if some of the victims are narcissistic, that does not justify the conclusion that

Patterns of parental alienation syndrome: A qualitative study of adults who were alienated from a parent as a child

AJL Baker 1 – The American Journal of Family Therapy, 2006 – Taylor & Francis
A second underlying motivation of the alienation fueled by the mothers’ narcissism appears to
be For the narcissist, if she is angry with someone, the children should be as well. People with
narcissistic personality disorders tend to be arrogant and, therefore, are likely to devalue

[BOOK] Cognitive-behavioral treatment of borderline personality disorder

M Linehan – 1993 –
Page 1. Cognitive Behavioral Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder Marsha M. Linehan
Page 5. Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder Marsha M. Linehan,
Ph.D. University of Washington THE GUILFORD PRESS New York London This On.

Does DSM-IV have equivalents for the Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) diagnosis?

RA Gardner – American Journal of Family Therapy, 2003 – Taylor & Francis
Many examiners, then, may consciously and deliberately choose to use the term parental
alienation in the courtroom, even though they infected, loved at a distance, or deceived by spouse
or lover, or having a disease) of at 301.81 NARCISSISTIC PERSONALITY DISORDER

[BOOK] Adult children of parental alienation syndrome: Breaking the ties that bind

AJL Baker – 2010 –
in a focused way the subject’s everyday life world as it related to parental alienation and the or
di- vorce, how he or she was told about the separation, which parent moved out of schedule
through the age of 18 (this section was eliminated for individuals whose parents were not

Narcissism and the narcissistic personality disorder: a comparison of the theories of Kernberg and Kohut

GA Russell – British journal of medical psychology, 1985 – Wiley Online Library
Kernberg emphasizes the role of hatred, coldness and of chronic intense envy of those who seem
to possess things the narcissist does not have. (2) Dejinition of narcissistic libido Kohut’s view
on narcissism diverges widely from its definition as ‘the libidinal investment of
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Narcissists Destroy Who they cannot Control

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How Can You Co Parent with A Narcissist?

As we wait to hear what happened in the federal case for Kelly Rutherford and her continued attempts to have her children returned to the US, it has given us food for thought on how there are 1000’s of you trying to co-parent with exes who for whatever reason just can’t bring themselves to the table and do what is right by the children. We are working with a number of parents, some on an International basis who feel like they are banging their heads on a brick wall when attempting to communicate with their exes on matters concerning their children.
You can listen to our PodCast instead of reading too How To Co Parent with A Narcissist

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Parental Alienation Syndrome

What drives a #parental #alienator? Most commonly, some type of #narcissistic #personality features, says Dr. Childress. According to Dr. Childress, parents who indoctrinate children into alienating the other parent are linked to narcissist borderline pathogenic parenting.