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The Die Hard Narcissist

Wow, this is one to watch out for, the one that will do you harm, the one you will need to get away from.

Things to watch out for:-

POSSESSIONS– They don’t put any value on anything you buy for them. You could spend hours pondering over the perfect gift for the Narc but it will mean nothing to them. It will just be discarded along with all the other possessions they have accumulated over the years. That is of course unless it is something that will enhance their looks to make them even more adorable to themselves.

So don’t waste your time and delude yourself that the treasured gift you gave to them will be cherished, cared for, adored and proudly displayed – NO GET REAL – its nothing to them, its meaningless and the sooner you get your head around this one the less you will be giving.

ANIMALS/PETS – This is a very sad one. Yes once again animals, pets mean nothing. They may beg you to buy them the cute little puppy, the sweet little kitten, the thoroughbred horse to show off on. But when the novelty wears off, when the little puppy grows up and is no longer admired by friends, when the cute little kitten pees on the carpet, when the thoroughbred horse does not win every competition, then you will see the true character of the narcissist.

Then one day if the animal/pet (if its not discarded first) becomes old or ill and has to be put down, just observe their behavior. Are there any tears? Do they comfort that beloved pet they always wanted? Do they feel sadness?

PEOPLE – This is a tough one. When a close member of the family is very ill, do they go and visit them and spend time with them or call them and ask how they are? Or do they just appear on the outside to care and say the right thing but do nothing? When an elderly relative dies, a grandparent, an aunt or and uncle, do they even acknowledge it? Do they send a message of sympathy? Do they send their condolences to the remaining family? Do they send flowers or cards to show their sympathy?

I think you know the answer to this, they will either pretend they care but do absolutely nothing and make excuses, or if they are the die hard type they wont even pretend.

So if you observe some or any of these behaviors, and this is not a comprehensive list, ITS TIME TO GET OUT, yes you heard me, GET OUT, GET AWAY.

If you keep forgiving, feeling sorry for them, thinking they will change, you will end up ill and as damaged as they are.


Linda – True stories

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Yes that is what Parental Alienators like to do!! If you are doing well they are so damaged they will try to sabotage anything positive you do with your life.

Can you think of at least 5 things that the alienator has done to you to try and sabotage a special occasion, a new job, a new business, new friends or even new home.

I have had 30 years of it and so it goes on, using anyone, children, grandchildren, relatives and enablers. (A little more about enablers in a later post.)


When I divorced my ex over 30 years ago I started a catering business, and I had an advert running in a local newspaper with a couple of jobs all lined up. Had paperwork printed with my letter headings “GERARDS COUNTRY CUISINE” (went back to my maiden name Gerard) Had menus all ready and stored on a computer, and staff lined up to help me with a Christmas Buffet for the staff at Stansted Airport – quite a large event. My grandmother had died and had generously donated all her kitchen equipment to me and I had collected a large amount of recipe books over the years. My ex had still had keys to the house as the financial settlement still had not been agreed (more about this one later). To my horror when I returned home from work the new computer I had bought for my son for Christmas (with the last of my savings) had been removed from the house with all my menus on. The phone had been cut off and the phone number I was using had been stopped!!!!! (*Before mobile phones).

Later after I had left the marital home, when I went to collect some of my things all my recipe books and grandmothers equipment had been removed.

To my horror I discovered months later that a local girl he had been seeing had a new catering business, and guess what she was called Yes XXXXXXXXX COUNTRY CUISINE with an exact replica of my letterheads. She lived about 3 miles away!!!!


I started doing temping work and secured a long term contact with the “Children’s Society” based in the local town. Yep!! he turned up outside the building in his dirty works van covered in tar shouting out the window with a loud megaphone “hypocrite working for the children’s society whilst not seeing her own children”. Found that one quite amusing as the Children’s Society were well aware of the fact that I spent months with social workers and in and out of court trying to gain access to my children. All the staff watched his ridiculous behavior from the office window.


When I first came to France I started an online business directory which grew rapidly as there were few people doing online at the time. To my horror a loyal customer contacted me to let me know that they had been sent a message through a fake facebook account to say that I was bad mouthing all my customers and that they should not advertise with me. Several other customers then came forward with exactly the same story.

The funniest thing was that the Fake Profile was of a famous actor called David Bark-Jones who starred in the series Jekyll and Hyde!!!!

And do it goes on as we speak, so if you see any rude, obnoxious, ranting, posts about me you know who it is!


I could sit here and write all day but I have a business to run and social media to check and lock down.

So make sure all your social media is friends only and check out anyone with no photo, or suspicious photo.



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Thinking outside the box

Sometimes when we cant find a solution to how we are feeling, we have to look deep inside ourselves.

We have to search for new ways to deal with our situation.

Sometimes you just need to look outside the box

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Happy Client

“I sought out assistance from Linda after reading articles posted about Parental Alienation coaching. Taking the option of 4 weekly sessions. Each Zoom started with a discussion about situation (my daughter severely alienated more than 18 months) and then Linda would perform hypnotherapy to ‘rewire’ my thoughts and feelings so I could think more positively. After each session she would provide some activities (like keeping a journal) and a recording / podcast specially designed for me. This helped me immensely and I can’t recommend Linda enough!

Catherine – Australia
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Happy Healthy Brain

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How Can I Help You?

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Parental Alienation Group Meetings and Coaching

If you would like to know more

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What I have learnt from 30 years of Parental Alienation!

Good morning everyone wherever you are in the world, Parental Alienation has no boundaries or timescales.

Woke up in the early hours of the full moon thinking about this one! Just had to get up and get it down on paper.

You will never, ever change the ALIENATOR, it is top of their agenda to try and destroy you after walking away from the relationship. For having the strength that they do not possess to save yourself from a life of control and emotional abuse.

Don’t waste too many resources and energy trying to get them to understand what they are doing to their own children, grandchildren, they will never understand, they dont want to understand, the only person they are interested in is themselves. They have their own itinerary.

YOU are the one who is going to change, YES you.

If you are going to handle this with damage limitation you have to take a good hard look at what you are doing RIGHT NOW.

Is it working for you right now?

If not why not?

Then NOW is the time to do something POSITIVE

Something that will help you to cope

Something that will make you feel better

Do you want to learn more?

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Linda Turner – Parental Alienation Recovery

Please let me introduce myself. My name is Linda Turner and I share a common theme with you. I am an Alienated Parent. Having suffered for over 30 years I am truly aware of the suffering and heartache this situation brings.

However; I was determined to overcome the pain that being an Alienated Parent brings, and so I studied diligently, passed all of my exams with distinction and became a Recovery Coach.

I now can offer professional counseling with real life experience.

I have run this and the Facebook sites, on a voluntary basis which offers help and advice to those in need. I am still going to offer this service but am now taking it a stage further.

I can offer you a unique therapy and counseling service, whether it be on a 1 to 1 basis, or in a group all carried out face to face online. I can offer you support on a regular basis.

I cannot guarantee that I can reconcile you with your child(ren) , but I can help you to understand yourself better and put you in a much happier place.

My fees are very reasonable, please see my payment page for more details.

If you would like to participate in an online group session the fee is just 12.00 pounds, 11.00 euros, or 16 US Dollars per month. For this you will get 1 hourly session per week plus an additional workbooks and a weekly podcast to listen to. All fees are payable in advance please.

I can offer my full support and help you to become far more tolerant with your situation. I have “been there” and recovered, so can you!

Linda – Always by your side.

If you would like to know how I can help you , please contact me

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When the voice in your head says NO you cant?


Would you like to move forward with your life?


Do you want to stop being angry and reacting to the ALIENATOR?

I have helped many alienated parents on the road to recovery, if want to hear more please contact me Linda Turner – Always By Your Side