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Happy Birthday Lily

16th June 2016

Another year passes and still not been allowed to see her. Don’t know what she looks like, don’t have an address, blocked on social media and phone, not even been sent a photo.

Who has the right to deprive children of many loving relatives (great grandmother, grandmother, aunties, uncles, cousins)???

Just been on a wonderful trip with loving people divorced, separated and more, but loving their children so much overcoming their personal feelings to all be together to celebrate a special occasion. Very uplifting – feeling grateful and loved for being able to share their experience.

I hope my granddaughter is happy and healthy and enjoyed a birthday full of love and happiness. I have a treasure box for her that hopefully one day when she can make your own decisions I can share with her.

We all love her very much.


Love Grandma and the family xxxxxxxxx

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Happy Birthday Lily

Happy Birthday 1st birthday to my granddaughter I have never seen.

I think about you everyday and wonder what you look like and hope you are contented and happy.

I have a box for you and your brother which contains cards and presents I am unable to send for every birthday and Christmas I have been excluded from, so maybe one day when you are older you will see that you are always in my thoughts.

Love Grandma xxxxxx