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To all those trying to bring peace, please don’t give up. In the end the victory of peace over conflict is assured. Many who have heard of the recent events have said I should post them here to encourage others.

After over a thousand days in Court the Supreme Court agreed with the proposal to grant custody of our son to his father, and custody of our daughter to the her mother. Immediately an offer of peace was sent to the other side. It went unanswered. The next morning, when I finally had my son at school, I got a sudden call from the Court saying I must come to Court in an hour for an Urgent hearing as their lawyer has said he served documents on me. Their lawyer had not served the documents on me. He had simply lied to the Supreme Court of Vanuatu to get money from my ex-wife and her rich boyfriend. I was forced into Court again in just a t-shirt and pair of shorts with no documents and had to face down their lawyer, my-exwife’s boyfriend who sat next to and advised their lawyer, and my ex-wife. It was like a lamb to the slaughter . . . yet through it all, through all the clamor and confusion the light of Justice shone and their attempt that day failed. My son was allowed by the Court to remain in my custody.

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Response to question – Parental Alienation

Question from anon –  They said they had read some of my postings on the website and should get rid of it because its only hurting me.

Here is my response.

“The online posts/articles/information are to help others out there who are going through the same.

There any many thousands of people going through it who don’t have any help or support. Some people are just at the beginning, but I am 25 years down the line and have learnt to live with it and if I can use this knowledge to help others and give them support I will continue to do so.

By helping others it helps me. I have always used this philosophy throughout my life and when things are going bad I try to help other people less fortunate than myself, which helps me realise things are not so bad after all.

No I am not hurting, just disappointed that I cannot see my grandson, but then if I lived on the other side of the world I would not see him, so no difference really.

They are missing out not me, my life is still the same as it has always been.

No bank of Mother to go to, no babysitting, no help with the children – I think it affects them more than me!!!

I am use to it after 25 years, it’s very new to you.

You cannot sweep it under the carpet, keep quiet and pretend it’s not happening, I have done that for many years and it does not help. Now I can come out in the open with it and share my experience and help others, it is much better for me.

Forgiveness is the key, if you can forgive all those involved the pain goes away. This does not mean I will ever forget. I do not want revenge, I am not bitter or sad, if this were the case then I would not be able to discuss it without getting emotional.

Bad things happen in everyone’s life and it happens for a reason, so we can learn!!!!!!!

I am not ashamed, I have done nothing wrong and there’s no need to keep quiet about it.”


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Love, Forgiveness and Hope

I started this site over 1 year ago after joining a closed facebook group about Parents Healing from Parental Alienation.

However; I did not anticipate the response and reaction the website would receive. Within days dozens of alienated parents joined the forum and started following the site on a regular basis. We received many, many private messages of extremely sad cases of Parental Alienation from people all over the world. The group consists of over 1000 global members and increases daily!

I am 25 years down the road on my journey and well on the way to healing, but unfortunately for many it is just the beginning. The group offers a great support network for people who do not understand why this is happening and they can share experiences and their stories.

I am happy where I am and my life is busy and full of love. I want to continue to enjoy my life.

I have forgiven all the actions of others involved (but will not forget) and can do no more than that. I hope their lives are happy and full of love and that they can move forward with their own lives and not hang onto the negativity that lead them down this path.

So please use the resources on this site to gain a better understanding of your situation.

I hope every single one of you will reach the happy place where I am at the moment and that many of your children and grandchildren will come back to you one day.

Heres to love, forgiveness and hope.

Linda xxx

Love, Forgiveness and Hope