Its amazing how an adult can teach their own children to witness years of abuse and neglect towards their own parents, then stand in disbelief when their own grown child decides to walk away from them!!!! BLAMING EVERYONE ELSE BUT THEMSELVES. Be careful what you teach your own children, it may come back to haunt […]

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Child Protection Conference

Sometimes decisions are made about children that relate to incidents/ situations or allegations that happened previously – if the children are still being impacted or at risk in some way because of that situation. However, as parents you should always be given an opportunity to put forward your views, both when you have visits from […]

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Child Protection Resource

The aim is to help everyone who is involved in the child protection system, in whatever capacity, to provide up to date information about relevant law and practice, and to contribute to the wider debate about the what the child protection system is and should be. The ethos of this site is summed up by […]

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