Helping Siblings Adjust

When siblings have to be separated, effort should be made to maintain frequent contact through visits, phone calls, and letters. It is important for the social worker to be sensitive to the loss the children are feeling. Workers should follow the same practice guidelines involved in helping children deal with separation from their parents (see “Helping a Child Through a Permanent Separation”). Separation and loss anxiety will be strongest immediately before or after placement.

Child Contact Page

If you are an alienated child (perhaps an adult now), please register your interest if you would like to re-establish your relationship with one of your parents. Simply email us on

Likewise, if you are a parent looking for an alienated child, register your interest by mailing us and we will let you know if your child makes contact with us. Sometimes a child will prefer and need the contact to be indirect and to be handled sensitively.

New Report: Child Custody Dysfunctions at Epidemic Levels — World4Justice : NOW! Lobby Forum.

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