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Submissions, evaluations, cross-examination and ‘expand and explain’

Mrs Justice Parker indicated that she was entitled to evaluate the wishes and feelings of the child. Here, those ‘wishes and feelings’ amount to the child making ‘submissions’, not adducing evidence, and so questions about these submissions were not ‘cross-examination’, but just an attempt to get the child to ‘expand and explain’.

Now, on the face of it, that seems ok, because the Guidance makes clear that it is not the purpose of the meeting to glean evidence. As counsel for the mother argued though, whatever the purpose of the meeting, evidence was going to come out. Indeed, it is hard to see how that could be avoided. So Mrs Justice Parker did procure evidence and did then rely on that evidence in coming to her decision.

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Freedom of Information request

1) Do CAFCASS take concerns of parental alienation seriously?

2) What advise do CAFCASS give the parent that is being intentional alienated from their children?

3) What advise do CAFCASS give the parent that is intentional alienated the child from the other parent?….. Please could you provide Documents on Guidance, SOPS (standard operation procedures) on regulation, standards for questions 2, 3.

4) CAFCASS work with or have there worked with any other organisations regarding PA. I.e. NSPCC, domestic abuse originations, police.

5) specifically has any colabarte work been done with any parental alietion origination? If so who?

6) would CAFCASS encourage a parent to parentally alienate?

7) if CAFCASS detect parental alienation without the alienated parent knowing do they inform that parent?


read the answers here:-

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What Goes into the Cafcass Family Report?

For an agency that’s not well known, Cafcass (the Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service) wields an awful lot of power. Whenever parents can’t agree over an application for a Contact Order, they become involved, compiling a report on the family, both parents and children. The document they produce carries a great deal of weight with the Family Court.  Both Cafcass and Family Court have undergone their share of controversy, the first for some of the content of their reports and its methodology, the second for operating in relative secrecy. Cafcass presents its report as a completed document at court, and interested parties have no chance to challenge it beforehand, although they are sent copies.

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ALL BECAUSE CAS/ FACS (or whatever name they choose to hide behind) — World4Justice : NOW! Lobby Forum.c

Monday my little sister Robin killed herself. I will feel her loss forever. She was a wonderful person who had a lot to give this world. She could never bring herself to truly understand how deeply many people cared for her. My love for her will never die and there will always be a hole […]

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