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#PAS ~ If It Was Terrorism Would The Governments Act?

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Adult Children of Parental Alienation – Resources

Expanding the parameters of parental alienation syndrome

GF Cartwright – American Journal of Family Therapy, 1993 – Taylor & Francis
most children of divorced parents usually learn much earlier. inability of the lost parent to become
reinvolved, the absence or death of the lost parent, and the While longitudinal studies have related
child and adolescent adjust- ment following parental separation to a variety of

The alienated child: A reformulation of parental alienation syndrome

JB Kelly, JR Johnston – Family Court Review, 2001 – Wiley Online Library
and ideas of the older sibling and are kept in the mode of parental rejection by And some relied
heavily on the stability, attention, and unconditional love of the parent who left to withstand the
intense pressures of the custody battle and the aligned parentsalienating behaviors.

Legal recognition of the parental alienation syndrome

NR Palmer – 1988 – Taylor & Francis
Judges throughout our country will need to take a stronger stand regarding parents who try to
alienate their child or children from the other parent. of child psychologists who have done research
and can testify ade- quately on the parental alienation syndrome may provide

[BOOK] Adult children of parental alienation syndrome: Breaking the ties that bind

AJL Baker – 2010 –
Three fourths of the participants’ parents were divorced and in all but six cases the alienating
parent was the Adult Children of Parental Alienation Syndrome tionship with targeted parent prior
to the alienation, strategies utilized by the alienating parent, impact of the alienation

The long-term effects of parental alienation on adult children: A qualitative research study

AJ L. Baker – The American Journal of Family Therapy, 2005 – Taylor & Francis
Another form of repetition was seen in a particularly tragic long-term outcome of parental alienation:
many of the Fully half of the 28 participants who were parents at the time of the interview were
Not only were they unloved by a parent but they were unloved by their own child as

The parental alienation syndrome: an analysis of sixteen selected cases

JE Dunne, M Hedrick – Journal of Divorce & Remarriage, 1994 – Taylor & Francis
a change of custody oc- curred voluntarily, the children eventually had little contact with the
alienating parent. PAS dynamic may be so toxic that a relationship with both parents may not be
evaluated on its own merits and the identification of a parental alienation syndrome is not

[HTML] The empowerment of children in the development of parental alienation syndrome

RA Gardner – American journal of forensic psychology, 2002 –
As they grow older, healthy children learn to accept parental qualities that are desirable and This
situation is worsened by courts typically warning divorcing parents never to criticize one another
Accordingly, the parent who confronts the children with the fact that they are being

[PDF] Parental alienation syndrome

JL Price, KS Pioske – The American family, 1994 –
Parents are less sensitive to that child’s emotional needs during divorce, and require assistance
from the nurse to strengthen the parent-child relationship Understanding the dynamics of parental
alienation syndrome will position the nurse to recognize it as a symptom of

Remarriage as a trigger of parental alienation syndrome

RA Warshak – American Journal of Family Therapy, 2000 – Taylor & Francis
to be successful without the support of the court in enforcing access between the target parent
and child, and Parental conflict and other correlates of the adjustment of school-age children whose
parents have separated. Psychological syndromes: Parental alienation syndrome.

Patterns of parental alienation syndrome: A qualitative study of adults who were alienated from a parent as a child

AJL Baker 1 – The American Journal of Family Therapy, 2006 – Taylor & Francis
professionals who come into contact with parents and children should become versed in the
patterns of parental alienation syndrome and the strategies parents use so that Only then can
the targeted parent rethink their current parenting style and relationship with their child.