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A Mother’s Heart Songs Unsilenced

There comes a point where silence is no longer an option. A pack of lies have torn our lives apart. It is time to repair the damage. It is time to tell the truth. Family Court operates on a “pay to play” level to predetermine the “winner” without due process. It promotes “conflict for cash” and engages in emotional blackmail and extortion. Family court players collude, conspire, scheme and falsify facts and law to benefit themselves financially, harass and oppress families, put children in crisis, inflict emotional distress upon families, and engage in Schadenfreude. Every day across this country, fit, loving, normal range parents get erased from their children’s lives for profit. And every day, children lose a parent, the extended family, half of their identity, their heritage. And for many it takes them years to figure out what really happened, behind the lies, manipulations and maneuvers. If it could happen to us, it could happen to anyone. It could be you and your child. This is our story. To choose to tell the truth is to choose to live on the other side of victim.