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Many of you who have survived parental alienation wish to simply forget about the experience, hoping that forgetting will be synonymous with overcoming. However, it is not possible to erase pivotal life experiences or to truly forget about them. The human mind and body remember and clamor for healing. Healing from the wounds inflicted by parental alienation takes time, perseverance, and faith.

Hope that one will heal, that life will not always be so painful, and that the trauma that you have or are experiencing will not always define one’s sense of self.

Shock and disbelief – you may have a hard time accepting the reality of what happened

Fear – that life will never be the same again, or that you’ll lose control or break down

Sadness – for the children/grandchildren you have lost

Helplessness – no control over events may leave you feeling vulnerable and helpless

Guilt – that you could have done more.

Anger – you may be angry at the system, relatives, lawyers, social services and others you feel are responsible

Shame – especially over feelings or fears you can’t control

Relief – you may feel relieved that the worst is over, and even hopeful that your life will return to normal

I have decided to introduce this section for those of you who need to move on and and lead a healthier, more balanced, and happier life.

Together we will engage in the healing journey