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This site is all about a very large global group of people who have been through, or are currently going through Parental Alienation

Some of us have been previously married to people with NPD who have used the children/grandchildren as a weapon to try and control. Others have been estranged for financial reasons, and some for no reason at all!!

We are not Doctors or experts but have been through enough to share our experiences and maybe help others to gain a better understanding of PA.

There are many links to useful resources which are publicly available on the internet.

Some of us are healed, some of us are healing and some of us are not quite sure where we are!

The more we share, the more we understand, the more we understand the easier it is to deal with. Knowledge is a wonderful thing.

Please feel free to contribute your stories –

Remember to love yourself

Love Yourself


9 thoughts on “HOME

  1. This is a most helpful blog about a common, though infrequently discussed problem. I am a Clinical Psychologist in the United States, and not infrequently hear divorced, divorcing, separated or separating patients describe the horrific lengths to which their former partners go to create a gulf between their children and themselves. I have suggested a visit to your blog to several of these patients, each of whom found it quite relevant to their experiences.

    Readers of your site may also find my WordPress blog, http://www.therapyviews.com , to offer food for thought during the dark moments.


    1. Thankyou for you recommendation, if you would like to send me your details I will publish on my site. In the meantime I will take a look at your site. Thank you for taking the time and trouble to comment. Linda


      1. My blog is devoted to the topic of psychotherapy, broadly conceived. In other words, anything and everything related to the human condition. I welcome comments, critiques, questions, and observations about my postings, which are somewhat infrequent, as I take great pains to craft each one so that they are both thought-provoking and accessible to intelligent lay readers.


  2. Dear Linda Turner. With all due respect I have read what you are saying about parental alienation subject, but may I suggest with respect that the scenarios that you talk about re social workers and parents can be reversed by the social worker having the the problem of be being , say narcisisstic. There are a lot of lying social workers who it would seem gain a badge for how many parents they can lie and cheat out of thier children and put these kids into worse situations with equally bad foster carers. and the child being bullied both by the social worker and fosterer from hell and not listened to by these people.. It is not all one sided you know. A lot of these children are treated much worse by social workers and foster carers than their own loving parents. As I say the situation can be reversed and is indeed reversed on a regular basis. Social workers are now a BAD joke all over Britian. They have too much power by untrained and badly trained or just plain bad social workers. Its about time someone made all of this public on behalf of the parents and kids who are actually being abused by these people. Thank you if you have read this. Mag.


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