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16th June 2016 Another year passes and still not seen her. Who has the right to deprive children of many loving relatives (great grandmother, grandmother, aunties, uncles, cousins)??? Just been on a wonderful trip with loving people divorced, separated and more, but loving their children so much overcoming their personal feelings to all be together to celebrate a special occasion. Very uplifting – feeling grateful and loved for being able to share their experience. I hope my granddaughter is happy and healthy and enjoyed a birthday full of love and happiness. I have a treasure box for her that hopefully one day when she can make your own decisions I can share with her. We all love her very much. Love Grandma and the family xxxxxxxxx

16th June 2015 Happy Birthday 1st birthday to my granddaughter I have never seen. I think about you everyday and wonder what you look like and hope you are contented and happy. I have a box for you and your brother which contains cards and presents I am unable to send for every birthday and Christmas I have been excluded from, so maybe one day when you are older you will see that you are always in my thoughts. Love Grandma xxxxxx

7th October 2016 – to Dean Don’t know if you still live in the UK but where ever you are I hope Friday 7th October will be a very special day for you as it was for me 39 years ago in Luton & Dunstable maternity unit.I remember your golden hair and how tiny your little hands were, I was almost afraid to hold you in case you broke. No photo’s sadly, but many, many happy memories no one can take away from me. Have a wonderful day. Mumx

7th October 2014 – to my son It has been so many years now, but I hope that your birthday is a very special day for you. I do hope you have someone very special in your life to share it with. I have only seen you for a few short weeks over the past 24 years and would probably not even recognize you now. I have many, many fond memories of you as a child up until the age of 13 when everything changed. I do not have an address or phone number only an email address that you do not respond to. The photos that remained may have been destroyed but I still have the wonderful memories. Posting this early so someone who knows you may pass the message on. Be happy, love life and have a wonderful day xxxxxxxxxx

18th September 2016 – to my grandson – hope you received your card I sent to you Uncle Dean. Love you and miss you xxx

18th September 2015 – to my grandson

18th September 2014 – to my grandson Happy birthday Charlie. Hope you find this message. Could not send you present or card I don’t know where you live, so I have made you something special. Have a very very Happy Birthday – Lots of Love and Kisses grandma xxxxxxxxxxxxxx



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