Please let me introduce myself. My name is Linda Turner and I share a common theme with you. I am an Alienated Parent. Having suffered for over 30 years I am truly aware of the suffering and heartache this situation brings.

However; I was determined to overcome the pain that being an Alienated Parent brings, and so I studied diligently, passed all of my exams with distinction and became a Recovery Coach.

I now can offer professional counseling with real life experience.

I have run this and the Facebook sites, on a voluntary basis which offers help and advice to those in need. I am still going to offer this service but am now taking it a stage further.

I can offer you a unique therapy and counseling service, whether it be on a 1 to 1 basis, or in a group all carried out face to face online. I can offer you support on a regular basis.

I cannot guarantee that I can reconcile you with your child(ren) , but I can help you to understand yourself better and put you in a much happier place.

My fees are very reasonable, please see my payment page for more details.

If you would like to participate in an online group session the fee is just 12.00 pounds, 11.00 euros, or 16 US Dollars per month. For this you will get 1 hourly session per week plus an additional workbooks and a weekly podcast to listen to. All fees are payable in advance please.

I can offer my full support and help you to become far more tolerant with your situation. I have “been there” and recovered, so can you!

Linda – Always by your side.

  • Group session per year includes 2 months free
  • payment can be made in:
  • US Dollars 160.00 per year
  • Euros 131.00 per year
  • Pounds 120.00 per year
  • Group session per month
  • payment can be made in:
  • US Dollars 16.00 per month
  • Euros 13.00 per month
  • Pounds 12.00 per month
4 Online Coaching Sessions with Linda C J Turner – includes 30 minute free consultation
  • payment can be made in:
  • US Dollars
  • Euros
  • Pounds
Additional Hourly Sessions- Online Coaching with Linda C J Turner
  • payment can be made in:
  • US Dollars
  • Euros
  • Pounds