“I have been through a very traumatic time with my family which affected my mental state ability to function. Linda helped me greatly through this time by giving me a clear understanding of the situation. Her knowledgable, caring and patient manner helped me to start to start to function again, live well and see a way forward.
Even just for time out, a visit to Linda’s beautiful large country house, which overlooks wooded valleys and farmland, is a very easy going and relaxing experience. I certainly recommend.
Louise E.”

"I sought out assistance from Linda after reading articles posted about Parental Alienation coaching. Taking the option of 4 weekly sessions. Each Zoom started with a discussion about situation (my daughter severely alienated more than 18 months) and then Linda would perform hypnotherapy to 'rewire' my thoughts and feelings so I could think more positively. After each session she would provide some activities (like keeping a journal) and a recording / podcast specially designed for me. This helped me immensely and I can't recommend Linda enough! - Catherine - Melbourne

QUALIFICATIONS –– registered in France SIRET 518 877 899 00022

  • Fully Qualified NLP Practitioner
  • Fully Qualified CBT Therapist 
  • Fully Qualified Counselor
  • Fully Qualified EMDR Therapist
  • Fully Qualified Life Coach
  • Reiki Master 

Currently studying:- Hypnotherapy & Emotional Intelligence, Psychology, Emotional Trauma, PTSD.

On Line Therapy available through:-

Online through live chat services – WhatsApp, Zoom or Skype sessions, Face to face. In a group or over the phone or by by email

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