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A wake up call

Well what a week after “Living the Lie” so many hits and I do not know why!

To be honest I am really now past caring, that’s why there’s no problem with blogging and sharing.

My daughter is heartless and very mercenary, soon it will be the 4 year anniversary. She loves lots of drama and demands much attention, and has done many things I would rather not mention.

Well its just what I needed a wake up call, I really not missing anything at all, apart from my grandson whom I love so dear, missing birthdays and Christmas every year.

There’s also a daughter I have never met, nearly 2 years old and a little pet. Lets hope she does not take after her mother, history repeating itself along with her brother!!!

When they grow up they will ask why? and my daughter will undoubtedly tell a lie!

And so it continues Parental Alienation until they come to some realization, that you need two parents to balance your life, to avoid all the pitfalls, trouble and strife, everything happens for a reason, to love both parents would not be treason.