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Parents Cut Off by Adult Children

In the newspaper advice column Annie’s Mailbox by Kathy Mitchell and Marcy Sugar, there has recently been a series of letters from the parents of adult children who have cut them out of their lives. The parents complain that they have absolutely no idea why and do not understand what made this happen, and they seem to indicate that they had been just model parents or, at worst, guilty of some very minor parental transgressions.

Lately, a couple of other letter writers opined that just perhaps the parental behavior was a lot more problematic than these folks would have the world believe. For the most part, whenever I delve into the family dynamics of those patients who either cut off parents or who have been cut off like this, that is almost always the case.

In reading the letters from the parents who just cannot seem to figure out why their children have cut them off, a question arises. Are they really that clueless? Are they, as people are wont to say “in denial?” – whatever that means?  To me, “denial” of reality is just – how should I put this? – lying.

Parents Cut Off by Adult Children

Posted in The Estranged Adult Prodigal ~ by Lynda Stevens

The Estranged Adult Prodigal ~ by Lynda Stevens

The Estranged Adult Prodigal ~ by Lynda Stevens

There is a certain stigma
When an estranged child they see.
How many do you have?
I have two!
. . . What did I do?

I must have tortured and abused!
It is impossible to excuse!
How many do you have?
I have two!
. . . What did I do?

It is the modern epidemic you see!
The children with no love for thee!
Research has taught me this to be true!
It is not me, but stigma says
. . . What did I do?

It was not abuse but the opposite you see!
The fact that they are estranged from me!
I spoiled them to hell you see!
They did not long for anything;
Because I handed them everything!

We live in a throw away world you see!
I am now old on a pension or two
They still ask: what can you do?
Give me your money, I can’t wait;
Cook for me, I won’t be late.

Unable to love their family!
No sense of respect or responsibility!
They throw you away because you can’t
Do for them like you used to do!
It is an epidemic you see!
This lack of respect and responsibility!

Don’t spoil your offspring,
They should be, a level or two below thee!
They’re not your best friend you see,
But your child whom you love unconditionally!

How many do you have?
I have two!
. . . Think that’s bad;
Some have three,
Some have four,
It is an epidemic you see!
Be grateful if it doesn’t happen to thee!

We are alive once again you see!
We unite to take back our power for thee!
Us folk with 1, 2 and 3!
Prodigals need power and control you see
But we are united against such a bully!

We are kind souls you see
Invaded by our UN-loving family.
We have empathy and compassion you see
We actually can feel sorry for our thee
‘cause power and control is all they know.
That craving they have; really has to go!
It makes them miss a wonderful time
With their loving family; what a crime!

Materialism is all they crave; so sad, so sick;
We must be brave.
We are with no regrets
For we showed respect and responsibility!
We live with ourselves in peace and harmony!

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