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All women are s****

Natural Born Liars

A insight to what goes on behind closed doors during Parental Alienation

A story based on true facts during a battle which has lasted over 27 years and continues up until this day.

These are not from memories 27 years later, the events were contemporaneously scripted at the time and have been stored for reference.

All names have been changed to protect the identity of the persons involved.

A snippet from the new book titled #NaturalBornLiars ©Linda Turner

All women are slags

In Krams world all women are slags, mothers, daughters, girlfriends, wives and grandmothers. The word was often used in his families household.

Most intelligent women could see Kram for the fake he really was, but if they did not succumb to his narcissistic charms they would be labelled “Slag”.

One day May and her friend in all their innocence at the age of twelve, decided to go into town and get some business cards printed at the local card machine in town.

They thought it would just be a bit of fun to hand around to their friends.May was absolutely stunned and confused when the cards were discovered to be accused of being a “Slag”.

Its no wonder every time I called Edan on the telephone the only words that often spilled from his mouth were “what do you want slag” .The word slag had become so popular in the Kram camp.

Collins English Dictionary:-

countable noun

Slag is used by some people to refer to a woman who they disapprove of because they thinkshe is sexually immoral.

[British, informal, offensive, disapproval]

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A snippet from the new book titled #NaturalBornLiars ©Linda Turner

I will never forget the day my daughter and husband walked through the front door, my daughter with that mischievous look on her face! 

Then out of her mouth came those immortal words “I am having a new mummy, and she makes much nicer lasagne than you”

I could not believe it, I had tolerated my husbands promiscuous behavior for many, many years, but always tried to protect the children.

Years of witnessing groping women at parties, staying out all night with the lads, it was the way he was made, and things would never change, but I always managed to hide the true facts from friends and family.

I had stayed with him much longer than I should have done, but I was determined not to make the same mistakes as my mother and keep the family together.

He had spent weeks crouching on the floor, shaking, acting weird, I knew something was wrong but my first thoughts had been drugs, due to the company he was keeping.

But this was a step too far.

Nearly finished, soon to be published.

#NaturalBornLiars ©Linda Turner


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A Pathological Liar Is Made, Not Born

While some data exist that point to nervous-system dysfunction in 40 percent of compulsive liars, and other research implicates deficiencies in intelligence or home-life stability as the probable causes, Forman argues these claims are mostly specious.

Pseudologia fantastica has not been reviewed in the English literature in over 50 years, but the term is still used, for example, among the diagnostic criteria for the Munchausen syndrome. Based upon a review of 72 cases of pseudologia fantastica collected from 26 reports since its initial description in 1891, pseudologia is distinguished from other types of lying. Pseudologia fantastica is typified by these characteristics: (1) the stories are not entirely improbable and are often built upon a matrix of truth; (2) the stories are enduring; (3) the stories are not told for personal profit per se and have a self-aggrandizing quality; and (4) they are distinct from delusions in that the person when confronted with facts can acknowledge these falsehoods. The authors compile phenomenological data about “the pseudolouge”, who is represented equally males and females. Intelligence varies, but at least 40% have evidence of central nervous system dysfunction. The authors suggest that disease simulation, peregrination, and imposture are secondary behavioral manifestations of pseudologia, which is deserving of additional study.

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Smear Campaigns

A smear campaign involves lies, exaggerations, and cultivation of mistrust toward the victim. ..