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I am an amazing parent and grandparent

Come and join me in telling the world what an amazing parent/grandparent you are!

I am creating a gallery of letters from all of you amazing parents and grandparents out there on this website to remind ourselves what great parents/grandparents we are.

I have two children and have been the best parent and grandparent I possibly could be over the years.

I have spent many years, months, , weeks, days and hours loving and caring for my 2 children and grandchildren.

I have traveled back and forth on public transport and often on foot to hospitals, doctors surgeries, clinics, dentists, school events, leisure centers, visiting relatives etc, the list goes on.

I have organised special birthdays and baked birthday cakes, I have handmade costumes for fancy dress and school plays, repaired and painted dolls houses and handmade, clothes, Christmas and birthday presents when we did not have much money.

I have loved and cared for my children for many years through illness, crisis and trauma in addition to many happy events.

I always made sure my children were loved by not only myself, but had contact with aunties, uncles, cousins, grandparents friends and other relatives.

As my children got older I still supported them even though my ex stopped all contact for 20 plus years (and he is still trying). My son came to live with me for over 6 weeks and I supported him emotionally and financially even though he had nothing to do with me for many years.

My daughter has come to me for money and support through various situations since the age of 18. I have helped her with her catering exams when she lived in Australia, I lent her large sums of money throughout the years. I have encouraged and helped her set up and start at least 2 businesses. I was there when she left her husband on several occasions to pick up the pieces. I have traveled back and forth overseas (Spain, Australia, UK) to babysit the grandchildren. I have bailed her out when her horses and dog where stranded in Spain last year.

The list goes on and on, I have done everything I possibly can to be the very best parent and grandparent.

So whatever they may say about you:

  • Whatever lies are being told about you by the ex and their team of enablers
  • Even if all the photographs of the past have been destroyed or removed (only 1 left featured saved by my mother)
  • You know the truth.


We cant change the past, so come and join me on a journey of recovery reminding ourselves of how amazing we are. Lets celebrate and remind ourselves of who we really are.



Linda (30 years alienated but I am still a parent and grandparent.)

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“Why?” is the most useless question in the universe.
The only question with any meaning is “What?”

Asking “Why is this happening?” can only disempower you.
Asking “What do I want to make of this?”does exactly the opposite.

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Happy Bastille Day

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Linda Turner – Recovery & Empowerment Coach

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23 Things Successful People Do Before Turning 40

Successful people think differently.

They also act differently. They embody specific methods and principles to the way they govern their lives that allow them to succeed early on in life.

Don’t get me wrong, they also fail.

But they know how to gather their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual faculties to allow them to succeed over time while others end up giving up and throwing in that proverbial towel for good.

It boils down to a set of behaviors that are born from an insidious thought pattern with the clear intention of producing a specific end result. The culmination of those thoughts lead to repetitive behaviors that develop into good habits. And considering that habits govern 45% of our daily behavior, it’s those habitual routines that have become ingrained in our minds that help to dictate our chances for success.

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True Lasting Change Takes Courage



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