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Logotherapy: Viktor Frankl’s Theory of Meaning

What is Logotherapy? A Definition

According to Viktor Frankl,

“logotherapy focuses on the search for the meaning of human existence” (Frankl, 1958).

The main idea behind logotherapy is “that lack of meaning is the chief source of stress as well as anxiety, and logotherapy aids the patients to reach the meaning of life” (Faramarzi & Bavali, 2017).

In other words, logotherapy is a type of psychotherapy that believes that lack of meaning causes mental health issues, so it attempts to help people find meaning in order to help solve their problems.

Logotherapy is also closely related to existential analysis (Frankl, 1958). In fact, existential analysis “may be understood as the philosophical and scientific basis of logotherapy as well as an essential part of a theory proper” (Batthyany). For these purposes, existential analysis refers to the analysis of one’s own existence, which naturally flows into the question of meaning.


What is Frankl theory of logotherapy?

Man’s Search for Meaning, the neurologist and psychiatrist Victor Frankl (1905–1997)

“logotherapy” — a method of healing the soul by cultivating the capacity to find a meaningful life

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