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If I’m no longer a mother, then what am I?

by Sheri McGregor, M.A.

It’s a question I hear often after an adult child’s estrangement. Among the more than 9,000 mothers who have answered my survey for parents of estranged adult children, or reached out in site comments or in emails, hundreds ask the same or a similar question.

Even the busiest mothers go out of their way for their adult children. Sometimes, mothers even say their lives revolved around them, as if they’ve been on-call.

For some, the question has layers of complexity that make the situation even more heartbreaking. Like when grandchildren are involved, which makes the loss even more cruel and sad.

Grandmothers picture the sweet, innocent faces of the grandchildren their estranged son or daughter has ripped away, and worry what awful picture is being painted about them. That they’re crazy? Or worse, that they don’t care? Those women may ask, if I’m no longer the devoted grandmother, always there and ready to help, then who am I?

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This study was designed to explore how the experience of past parental alienation and current estrangement from adult child(ren) affected aging alienated parents particularly in the domains of depression and life satisfaction. This study also explored the link between past parental alienation and late-life estrangement from adult child(ren). The sample of 65 participants responded to an online survey after responding to a recruitment flyer posted on Craig’s List.

The results showed mild to moderate levels of depression and moderate dissatisfaction with life among the study participants. Higher levels of parental alienation were significantly associated with higher levels of depression and greater dissatisfaction with life. Participants also overwhelmingly reported that past parental alienation had contributed to their current estrangement from their adult child(ren).

Further research is needed on the impact of parental alienation on the well-being of aging parents.

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