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Learn how to activate parasympathetic nervous system

When the parasympathetic nervous system is activated, it produces a calm and relaxed feeling in the mind and body. People can learn to trigger their parasympathetic nervous system to immediately reduce their sense of anxiety and stress. Everything you perceive through your senses – everything you can see, hear, taste, smell, intuit, and touch is […]

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2020 – A Never Ending Journey

Well what a year it has been!! Apologies if I have been somewhat quiet over the past few weeks and my posts have been sparse. It all began in January. As many of you already know if you have been following my blog for the past 7 years I am an alienated parent since 1991 […]

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EMDR Therapy Available from 2021

Many of us struggle with stress, anxiety or depression. Some of us may be dealing withtrauma and have undergone a range of therapies in an attempt to shift the symptomsthat accompany our memories of what happened. Others may not be aware of what’s driving our discomfort; we may simply feel a generalmalaise and be completely […]

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