Dorcy Pruter

Dorcy Pruter is the founder and CEO of the Conscious Co-parenting Institute.  The focus of the institute is to reunite children and targeted parents. The way I found out about her was by finding a series of video interviews she did with Dr. Craig Childress on YouTube. I have the videos posted in the videos section of this site.

She has a methodology that helps reorganize a child into a more normal range baseline in terms of feelings and relationship to a targeted parent, even after an extended amount of time with little or no contact. What intrigued me, and one of the main reasons why I include her here, is because she comes from looking at observable behaviors and how to effectively combat the affects of pathogenic parenting as Dr. Childress describes it outside of the “established” attitudes and approaches.

Again, I want to help get her name out there by re publishing what she is doing so more people can find it online.

Dorcy Pruter & the High Road Protocol

Dr. Craig Childress: Attachment Based "Parental Alienation" (AB-PA)

The narcissistic Dark Triad personality is an empirically validated constellation of personality traits involving:

  1. Narcissism
  2. Psychopathic personality traits
  3. Machiavellian manipulativeness

Psychopathic narcissistic manipulation.  Cold, unfeeling, uncaring – manipulative cruel and deceitful.

At the clinical level of this pathology, this particular personality constellation is extremely dangerous because it is extremely vengeful

And it lies.  It manipulatively weaves a veil of lies to conceal its malevolence as it enlists and exploits naïve allies into colluding with the pathology.

The psychopathy presents as superficially charming and engaging.  The Dark Triad personalty uses its superficial charm and its wholesale distortions to truth to manipulate other people into becoming allies who it then exploits to achieve its desired ends.  Psychopathic.  Narcissistic.  Manipulative.  The Dark Triad.

That’s the nature of the pathology.

  • Empirical research has demonstrated that this constellation of personality characteristics is associated with the capacity for human cruelty (Jonason &…

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