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Do you have a child? (Did you have a child?)

Do you have a child?

Sit and close your eyes.

Imagine what it is going to be like in 10 years time.

Will they be going to school? Will they be going to university? Will they be going to work?

Birthdays, Christmas, Holidays, Special occassions!!!!

Now open your eyes and think about?

They are no longer there!!!

What will you do when its their birthday?

How will you get through Christmas?

Who will you buy presents for?

When they are sick who’s going to care for them?

When they need you who’s going to comfort them?

As they grow up who will guide them?

Who will do everything for them you did as a child?

How can you re capture those moments?

When they get married?

When they have children?

When they really need you?

Who will be there??????????????

It has been so long I have forgotten!!!!!!

What can I do?

How do they feel?

Who am I?

Am I still a parent?

Its been so long!!!!!!!!!