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Christmas Appeal to all Parental Alienators

STOP pretending you had the perfect childhood and upbringing.

STOP claiming you know everything there is to know about parenting.

STOP deluding yourself into thinking your child loves you more than the other parent.

STOP lying to yourself and your family.

STOP inventing stories to justify your behavior.

STOP believing your are the perfect parent, bringing your children up all alone, single handed with no help!!!!

STOP thinking that everyone looks up to you for being a single parent when you alienated the other parent when people are really too afraid to speak their truth!!!

STOP tearing families apart. destroying the lives of children and grandchildren just for your own revenge.

Is this the legacy you wish to leave behind?

Is this how you would like to remembered?

Is this how you would like your children and grandchildren to be?


Yes we have accused you of being Narcissists, Psychopaths, Sociopaths, put whatever label on it you like, but we are all a little crazy, the difference is some of us deal with it better than others, some of us have sought help, some of us are trying to change, trying to break the cycle to make sure our children do not suffer the same psychological wounds.

Unfortunately, not everyone understands mental health problems, there is a lot of stigma and misunderstanding but you need to get over this for the sake of the future generations.

You know you need help, you will not be judged for seeking help, in fact people will respect you for having the courage to change.

So please do this now for your children your grandchildren and all the future generations.

Give yourself the best Christmas present ever, do this for yourself, NOW

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