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Brain washing or indoctrination can last a life time

The longer the indoctrination period, the longer a recovering survivor must work at recovery, and the less likely family members outside the cult organization can achieve any beneficial impact.

Brain washing or indoctrination can last a life time. It takes someone with the strength and ability to change attitudes and look outside the box and weigh up their beliefs and faith against what is the reality and what are the genuine facts from creditable sources. Very few who are brainwashed from childhood would be able to do this.

Either way, the brain has a thing called ‘plasticity’, meaning that it can add to, create, ignore, or bypass neural networks with time (and experience, thought). One thing is for sure in all cases, thought: it is harder to ‘forget’ something than to remember it. Can you imagine trying to ‘un-learn’ how to ride a bicycle?

And, unfortunately, a few conniving critically-thinking humans have learned to exploit that to dominate other humans, and do their all to prevent as much of humanity as possible to learn/switch to an autonomous (critical) thought that allows us to control, ourselves, our brain’s contents (plasticity).

You don’t need to be an expert, but you do need to know your enemy. In this case, the blocks and walls that have been placed in his or her mind, the ways they’ve been taught to mentally fight back against reason, etc. And be as kind as possible, though firm. It is a very hard thing to find out you’ve been brainwashed to any extent. And it takes a long, long time to deprogram. I don’t how long yet. Working on it though.

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Children are not “brainwashed” or “indoctrinated”, they are raised

‘Brainwashing’ is such an overused word these days, especially by young people who use it to mean ‘to firmly convince someone of a view that is not like mine’ that I have come to dislike it. Children are not “brainwashed” or “indoctrinated”, they are raised, often by parents just like yours, in a certain environment.

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Aldous Huxley’s Dystopian Mind Control

Aldous Huxley gave an interesting look into psychological research of the 1950s and how it had changed and supported different elements of his early dystopian novel. In the same way, it is valuable to look back at his later work through the lens of modern psychological research and cultural history. Huxley’s themes of caution with techniques of mind control and protecting individual liberty are timeless lessons.

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This brainwashing is an integral part of the reason why certain children carry irrational hatred toward one of their parents, a prime indication these children have been victimized by one of their parents through the process known as “Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS).”

Though there are several definitions of brainwashing, I find the following Wikipedia article especially helpful and applicable for children traumatized by PAS:

Brainwashing (also known as mind controlmenticidecoercive persuasionthought controlthought reform, and re-education) is the concept that the human mind can be altered or controlled by certain psychological techniques. Brainwashing is said to reduce its subjects’ ability to think critically or independently, to allow the introduction of new, unwanted thoughts and ideas into their minds,  as well as to change their attitudes, values and beliefs.”

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DEPROGRAMMING . The term deprogramming has been used since the 1970s to refer to a range of behaviors, all of which are aimed at convincing members of so-called new religious movements (NRMs) to leave such groups and return to more mainstream social and religious lifestyles. Such groups might be “cultic,” that is, communal and with high-demand authoritarian leadership, or they may simply hold unconventional beliefs and rituals. Definitions of cult have been extremely variable and inclusive, and the term has been used to refer to groups ranging from Old Catholics, Mormons, and Jehovah’s Witnesses to members of the Unification Church, the Hare Krishnas, the Seventh-day Adventist–derived Branch Davidians, and even Pentecostals.

Deprogramming is regarded by its advocates as a “liberating” process that frees NRM members from a presumed hypnotic state of involuntary servitude or “mind control” that has been previously “programmed” into them. Deprogramming (as a term and practice) began in 1971 as the ad hoc vigilante response of one man, Theodore (Ted) Roosevelt Patrick Jr., to the intense missionizing activities of the Children of God, a fundamentalist Christian sect that was later renamed The Family. Patrick was a civil rights activist and Special Representative for Community Relations under California governor Ronald Reagan. According to Patrick’s autobiographical Let Our Children Go! (1976), his teenage son and nephew met several missionaries of the Children of God and returned home noticeably and “mysteriously” disoriented. Patrick attended a meeting of the group and, by his account, found himself powerfully drawn to surrender his rationality and free will. Patrick claimed that he was contacted within a single week by fifty-two families who complained that their children had been similarly affected by the Children of God. Patrick developed a rough explanation of the “programming” (or conditioning) performed by that group. At the time, he had no knowledge of the post–Korean War coercive influence/brainwashing literature developed by U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) propagandists and psychologists.

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The Brainwashing Debate

BRAINWASHING (DEBATE) . The current debate over brainwashing (the term is used here generically to refer to mind control, coercive persuasion, or thought reform unless otherwise stipulated) is best understood in the broader context of recurrent concerns through Western history over powerful, illicit sources of influence on individual loyalty and commitment. Brainwashing is a contemporary version of such historic concerns. These anxieties have periodically assumed crisis proportions when there have been extreme sociocultural tensions that have given rise to allegations of the existence of subversive forces and the marshaling of counter-subversion campaigns, with the objective of controlling specific types of contested relationships. As in the case of its predecessors, the contemporary debates over brainwashing embody these related elements. The evidence in both the historical and contemporary episodes supports the conclusions that concerns about powerful, illicit sources of influence are pronounced during periods of sociocultural tension and that certain types of relationships have repeatedly been at issue. However, there is little support for the existence or efficacy of subversive forces as depicted in brainwashing ideologies.

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How can I repair a broken relationship with my parent as an adult?

It can be difficult to counteract the misperceptions that a parent instills in a child. But as an adult, children may be able to better understand the other parent’s perspective and the situation more broadly. In the case of one woman, her alienated father kept his distance until she was 17 before calmly explaining that not all of her mother’s claims were true. They were able to then reconnect.

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The B I T E Model

 Steven Hassan developed the BITE Model to describe the specific methods that cults use to recruit and maintain control over people.  “BITE” stands for Behavior, Information, Thought, and Emotional control

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Undue influence

Undue influence is any act of persuasion that overcomes the free will and judgment of another person. People can be unduly
influenced by deception, flattery, trickery, coercion and other techniques including hypnosis. In a court of law, undue influence is a legal term, which involves a person or group taking advantage of their position of power over another person or persons.
Unfortunately, undue influence rates low for most people as an imminent threats to a free society and happy families. But such an oversight is very costly. In the manipulative hands of human traffickers,, terrorist and violent extremist groups, charismatic cult leaders, highly controlling bible-based groups masquerading as benevolent religions, multi-level marketers, political action cults, human potential hucksters and even abusive spouses and parents, undue influence is a major problem in today’s world—and it is getting worse.

When undue influence is used to cheat people out of their inheritance or property, break up families, deceive members into thinking that extreme shunning of close family members and friends is a loving act, demand that parents beat their children under the assumption that the bible commands such harsh discipline, encourage people to break the law, turn adolescent girls and boys into slaves and prostitutes, kill innocent people, threaten parishioners with shunning if they report child molestation or domestic violence to the police or tell anyone about it, fly passenger planes into buildings, become involved in shady deals or coerce parents into letting their children die because it’s God’s will, these kinds of influence are a significant threat to basic human rights and a free society. Undue influence seeks nothing less than to disrupt an individual’s authentic identity and reconstruct it in the image of the cult leader.

To compound the problem, society loses in the following three ways:
1) Groups that practice undue influence as a means of controlling people often have tax-exempt or even charitable status, which means citizens pay the taxes for any properties they own and the services required to maintain those properties.
2) While a group may receive billions of dollars from its members, they often do not put that money back into society to help people other than the cult leadership.
3) To meet the demands placed upon them by a high-control group, many members are subsidized by the social welfare system, including the medical system, costing society even more money.
When undue influence is initially imposed on the minds of unsuspecting recruits by extremist cults or pseudo-religious groups, it often starts with “love bombing” and a promise of life in an idealistic fantasy world where they might “never have to die” and could “live forever,” achieve some elite status in a better society to come, etc.
Once recruits have bought into all the initial promises and hype, they are incrementally introduced into a systematic method of control, one small step at a time. BITE Model