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Undue influence

Undue influence is any act of persuasion that overcomes the free will and judgment of another person. People can be unduly
influenced by deception, flattery, trickery, coercion and other techniques including hypnosis. In a court of law, undue influence is a legal term, which involves a person or group taking advantage of their position of power over another person or persons.
Unfortunately, undue influence rates low for most people as an imminent threats to a free society and happy families. But such an oversight is very costly. In the manipulative hands of human traffickers,, terrorist and violent extremist groups, charismatic cult leaders, highly controlling bible-based groups masquerading as benevolent religions, multi-level marketers, political action cults, human potential hucksters and even abusive spouses and parents, undue influence is a major problem in today’s world—and it is getting worse.

When undue influence is used to cheat people out of their inheritance or property, break up families, deceive members into thinking that extreme shunning of close family members and friends is a loving act, demand that parents beat their children under the assumption that the bible commands such harsh discipline, encourage people to break the law, turn adolescent girls and boys into slaves and prostitutes, kill innocent people, threaten parishioners with shunning if they report child molestation or domestic violence to the police or tell anyone about it, fly passenger planes into buildings, become involved in shady deals or coerce parents into letting their children die because it’s God’s will, these kinds of influence are a significant threat to basic human rights and a free society. Undue influence seeks nothing less than to disrupt an individual’s authentic identity and reconstruct it in the image of the cult leader.

To compound the problem, society loses in the following three ways:
1) Groups that practice undue influence as a means of controlling people often have tax-exempt or even charitable status, which means citizens pay the taxes for any properties they own and the services required to maintain those properties.
2) While a group may receive billions of dollars from its members, they often do not put that money back into society to help people other than the cult leadership.
3) To meet the demands placed upon them by a high-control group, many members are subsidized by the social welfare system, including the medical system, costing society even more money.
When undue influence is initially imposed on the minds of unsuspecting recruits by extremist cults or pseudo-religious groups, it often starts with “love bombing” and a promise of life in an idealistic fantasy world where they might “never have to die” and could “live forever,” achieve some elite status in a better society to come, etc.
Once recruits have bought into all the initial promises and hype, they are incrementally introduced into a systematic method of control, one small step at a time. BITE Model

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More Advance Praise for Brainwashed
“An authoritative, fascinating argument for the centrality
of mind in what, doubtless prematurely, has been called the era
of the brain.”
—Peter D. Kramer, author of Listening to Prozac
“Brainwashed provides an engaging and wonderfully lucid tour
of the many areas in which the progress and applications of
neuroscience are currently being overstated and oversold. Some of
the hyping of neuroscience appears fairly harmless, but more than a
little of it carries potential for real damage—especially when it
promotes erroneous ideas about addiction and criminal behavior.
The book combines clearheaded analysis with telling examples
and anecdotes, making it a pleasure to read.”
—Hal Pashler, Distinguished Professor of Psychology and
Cognitive Science, University of California, San Diego
“Satel and Lilienfeld have produced a remarkably clear and important
discussion of what today’s brain science can and cannot deliver for
society. As a neuroscientist, I confess that I also enjoyed their persuasive
skewering of hucksters whose misuse of technology in the courtroom
and elsewhere is potentially damaging not only to justice but also
to the public understanding of science.”
—Dr. Steven E. Hyman, Director of the Stanley Center for
Psychiatric Research at the Broad Institute of MIT and
Harvard and Former Director of the National Institute
of Mental Health
“There is a widespread belief that brain science is the key to
understanding humanity and that imaging will X-ray our minds,
revealing why we buy things and whether we are telling the truth and
answering questions about addiction, criminal responsibility, and free
will. Brainwashed is a beautifully written, lucid dissection of these
exaggerated claims, informed by a profound knowledge of current
neuroscience. It is essential reading for anyone who wants a
balanced assessment of what neuroscience can and cannot
tell us about ourselves.”
—Raymond Tallis, author of Aping Mankind: Neuromania,
Darwinitis and the Misrepresentation of Humanity

Click to access sally-satel-scott-o.-lilienfeld-brainwashed_-the-seductive-appeal-of-mindless-neuroscience-2013-basic-books.pdf

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Coercive Mind Control Tactics

Today Mind control or brainwashing in academia is commonly referred to as coercive persuasion, coercive psychological systems or coercive influence. The short description below comes from Dr. Margaret Singer professor emeritus at the University of California at Berkeley the acknowledged leading authority in the world on mind control and cults.

Coercion is defined by the American Heritage Dictionary as:

1. To force to act or think in a certain manner
2. To dominate, restrain, or control by force
3. To bring about by force.

Coercive psychological systems are behavioral change programs which use psychological force in a coercive way to cause the learning and adoption of an ideology or designated set of beliefs, ideas, attitudes, or behaviors. The essential strategy used by the operators of these programs is to systematically select, sequence and coordinate many different types of coercive influence, anxiety and stress-producing tactics over continuous periods of time. In such a program the subject is forced to adapt in a series of tiny “invisible” steps. Each tiny step is designed to be sufficiently small so the subjects will not notice the changes in themselves or identify the coercive nature of the processes being used. The subjects of these tactics do not become aware of the hidden organizational purpose of the coercive psychological program until much later, if ever. These tactics are usually applied in a group setting by well intentioned but deceived “friends and allies” of the victim. This keeps the victim from putting up the ego defenses we normally maintain in known adversarial situations. The coercive psychological influence of these programs aim to overcome the individual’s critical thinking abilities and free will – apart from any appeal to informed judgment. Victims gradually lose their ability to make independent decisions and exercise informed consent. Their critical thinking, defenses, cognitive processes, values, ideas, attitudes, conduct and ability to reason are undermined by a technological process rather than by meaningful free choice, rationality, or the inherent merit or value of the ideas or propositions being presented. How Do They Work?

The tactics used to create undue psychological and social influence, often by means involving anxiety and stress, fall into seven main categories.

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Influence of the Mind

ABUSE STRATEGY, According to Marie-France Hirigoyen psychiatrist the intent of many emotional abusers is to systematically “destabilize” and confuse their victims (with irrational, threatening behavior that preys on the victim’s fears and self-doubts), to isolate and control them and ultimately to destroy their identity, and often emotional abuse builds over a long period of time until it becomes so unbearable that victims lash out in frustration and anger aka hitting back, only to appear unstable and aggressive themselves, which could be linked to or the cause of rage shooting and rampages.

Often, emotional abuse builds over a long period of time until it becomes so unbearable that victims lash out in frustration and anger, only to appear unstable and aggressive themselves. — This, according to Hirigoyen, is the intent of many abusers: to systematically “destabilize” and confuse their victims (with irrational, threatening behavior that preys on the victim’s fears and self-doubts), to isolate and control them and ultimately to destroy their identity. — psychiatrist Marie-France Hirigoyen, author of Le harcèlement moral

Pushing people to violence consist of abuse or inflicting a damage such as financial loss, homelessness, smear campaign and criminal record, serious illness and cancer, fear linked to honor and used for repetitive humiliation, and then using provocation to push people to anger, rage, and violence so that they appear aggressive and deranged, or dangerous. Any resulting violence is used to 1) repress the targeted citizen and any rage shooting is used to 2) advocating gun control, a defenseless population, which makes citizen more vulnerable to abuse, hidden abuse, tyranny and censorship, and subjugation through organized crime.

“The criminal harassment also involves abuse, degradation, repetitive humiliation, and inflicting damages to provoke victims and tries to manipulate them to “hit back”, retaliation, violence, and gun violence.” Continue reading “Influence of the Mind”

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Put under the narcissists spell

You WANT to be “put under the narcissists spell” because being “tricked” or “hypnotised” is how you experienced love from your parent as a child, and your parental love is your core template for how you learn to love yourself and how you learn what love is in other people.


Once they have such a person who is “pre-brainwashed” since childhood to obey the overbearing, contradictory, sadistic demands, ambient abuse and gas-lighting of a tyrannical, self-absorbed narcissist it is child’s play to make their “mind control” schemes work. The victim tells themselves that the “narcissist is all powerful and very cunning and sly” but really the work is all done for the narcissist in the mind of the enabling co-dependent who pushes through all the red flags of the coming abuse by clinging stubbornly to what Sam Vaknin calls the “malignant optimism” of the die-hard co-dependent enabler who is hell bent on annihilating themselves in the infinite, sucking vortex of the narcissists poisonous self-obsession.
…insists the enabler rigidly, savagely ignoring ALL evidence to the contrary. This truly is a match made in hell, and truth be told, both participants in this dance are clinging as fiercely to each other as each other.

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The ten types of abuse

There are many different types of abuse and they all result in behaviour towards a person that deliberately or intentionally cause harm.

It is a violation of an individual’s human and civil rights and in the worst cases can result in death.

A short video which highlights the different types of abuse from the Ann Craft Trust is available by clicking HERE. 

Information on the ten types of abuse:

Use the links below to navigate to information on the ten types of abuse:

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Ritual Abuse/Mind Control Presentation : S.M.A.R.T.’s Ritual Abuse Pages

What is Mind Control ?

Mind Control is the use of subliminal techniques to control a person’s actions, mind state or thoughts. Subliminal techniques may include the use of words or language in a variety of fashions, visual stimuli, a combination of different stimuli, the intentional use or misuse or deprivation of information, electronic stimuli techniques, such as brain wave machines and e-weapons, the deprivation of basic human needs, such as sleep and food, the use of emotions to manipulate thoughts (such as guilt or fear), hypnotic techniques or suggestions, rituals or role plays meant to induce suggestible states, the use of certain drugs, other techniques to induce a meditative mind state (like meditation) or specific movements or motions (like spinning). A combination of these techniques may be used. Please note that some of these techniques can also be used by an individual to help themselves in these more suggestible states, like meditation or brain wave machines.

Avoiding these techniques that by pass the “rational mind” or “ego” involves learning how these states feel and developing grounding techniques or even better, avoidance techniques, like not watching TV or going to cult meetings. There are online resources at our web page if you need more information about this.

Our web page has more information about mind control. A good source for propaganda and mind control techniques is

2) Now, I will discuss the data that shows that mind control and ritual abuse exists, through media sources, research studies, anecdotal data and my own personal story.

Due to the disinformation out there promoted by the “false memory syndrome” promoters (which is not a proven syndrome and not in the DSM-IV) and the propaganda in the media, I will cover first the topics of recovered memory, survivor symptomology, proof dissociation is connected to severe abuse, a rebuttal of PAS (parental alienation “syndrome”) a “syndrome” used in court against parents that allege the other parent has abused their child or children and allegations showing the possible connection of FMS promoters to pro-pedophilia philosophies. This will help back up the anecdotal data and studies which follow, as well as show the possible rationales for those opposed to the idea of the existence of recovered memory, ritual abuse and mind control.

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Suicide in men: the time is ripe for active scientific investigations

Divorce and parental alienation may lead to stress‐related disorders and suicide in men 7, 8. Divorced and separated men are nearly 2.4 times more likely to kill themselves than married men 8. Family breakdown leads to many difficulties for men including the possibility of parental alienation. Parental alienation is usually defined as a mental state in which a child, usually one whose parents are engaged in a high‐conflict separation or divorce, allies himself firmly with one parent (the preferred parent) and refuses a relationship with the other parent (the alienated parent) without legitimate justification 7. Fathers who have lost some or all contact with their children for a long time following separation or divorce may become depressed and suicidal.

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Have You Had Your Brain Washed Lately?

Repeating One’s Opinion will Make People believe it!

How many times have you been exposed to mindless rants? Sadly, when you keep hearing the same thing again and again, your brain is more likely to accept it as a common belief.

Researchers call the phenomenon “memory distortion.” Interestingly, even if the person is talking bullshit, we’re still likely to believe it.

To stop emotional manipulation, remember your worth. You are on equal ground with the other person and have the right to be heard. Avoid blaming yourself – never let them manipulate you into believing something is solely your fault.

Your freedom to express yourself through words and actions is essential to your well-being and your mental health. You can’t alter the behaviors of others, but you can limit your exposure to situations that are unhealthy and refuse to internalize the messages a manipulator tries to feed you.

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Mind control explained – the dangers and how to protect yourself

Steve Hassan makes an interesting distinction between mental control and brainwashing. He says that in brainwashing the victim knows that the aggressor is an enemy. For example, prisoners of war know that the person doing the brainwashing and/or torture is an enemy and often they understand that remaining alive depends on changing their belief system. They are coerced, often with physical force, into doing things they would not normally do. However, when the victim escapes from the influence of the enemy, the effects of the brainwashing frequently disappear.

Mind control is more subtle and sophisticated because the person doing the manipulations is often considered a friend or a teacher, so the victim is not actually trying to defend themselves. In fact, he or she may be a willing participant, and believing that the manipulator has their best interests in mind, they often providing private information willingly, which is then used against them, to continue the mind control.

This makes mind control as dangerous, if not more so, than physical coercion. In other words, it can be even more effective than torture, physical abuse, drugs etc.

That’s worth repeating. In mind control, there may be no physical coercion or violence, but it can actually be much more effective in controlling a person.

That’s because coercion can change behavior, but coercive persuasion (mind control) will change attitude and behavior. And the ‘victim’ is happily and actively participates in the changes, believing it is best for them!

So later, to accept that someone they trusted and liked has deceived and manipulated them is very difficult, and is one of the reasons that is not easy for people to recognize mind control. Even when the person is free of the influence of the manipulator, the attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors persist, in large part because the person believes they have made these decisions themselves (the effects of decisions we make ourselves are stronger and more long lasting than decisions we know we have been pushed to make), and in part because the person does not want to admit that they have been manipulated without their knowing, that they have been tricked by a ‘friend’.

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