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Dark Responses to Social Transgression and the Face of Revenge

Dark Responses to Social Transgression and the Face of Revenge

One of our variables that behaved a bit differently from the others pertained to revenge. Wanting to plot and implement revenge against someone due to a personal transgression can be particularly pernicious. In our Results section, we dug deep into factors associated with predicting the desire to get revenge against the perceived transgressor.

Generally speaking, the best prediction of wanting to implement revenge pertained to scores on our measure of the Dark Triad (Narcissism, Psychopathy, and Machiavellianism). Simply: Participants who scored high on measures of the Dark Triad were likely to report wanting to get back at (or to plot revenge against) the perceived transgressor.

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Do Jilters Fare Better Than the Jilted?

Another question that emerges regarding the relationship between estrangement frequency and adverse psychological outcomes pertains to the possible differentiated outcomes associated with being the one who cuts others off versus being the one who is getting jilted.

A recent study on parent/child estrangements (which are, unfortunately, quite common) partly addresses this question. In a 2018 article published in the Journal of Social Work Practice, Kylie Agllias studied the emotional, behavioral, and social outcomes of adult children who had initiated estrangements with their parents. This methodology allowed for an assessment of whether jilters in such scenarios fare alright.

In fact, generally speaking, they don’t. Participants largely reported that they regularly longed for the social, emotional, and fiscal support that they’d had before the estrangements took place. These jilters also reported that the estrangements had negative impacts on their relationships with other family members, work colleagues, friends, and intimate partners.

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Estrangement, Depression, Causality, and Directionality

In short, we found that the number of estrangements that one reported had ubiquitous outcomes when it came to one’s social and emotional world. This fact was particularly true when comparing those with an extreme number of estrangements (defined as 10 or higher) with others. Extreme estrangers empirically emerged as manipulative, callous, narcissistic, sexually promiscuous, emotionally unstable, anxious, and depressed. Further, they reported themselves as having little in the way of support from others. Life is hard for extreme estrangers.

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Don’t Ever Talk to Me Again | Psychology Today

To test this question, we surveyed more than 300 adults of varying ages from throughout the United States. We had each participant describe each instance of someone living in the world today who is “dead to them.” We defined an estrangement as a social situation in which you acted like the person was dead to you and that person fully reciprocated. An ex-spouse whom you refuse to make eye contact with at the grocery store could be an example.

Our methodology allowed us to measure the total number of estrangements that each participant reported having in his or her own social world. The average number of reported estrangements was 3.86. So most adults in our sample could name about four people in the world who were “dead to them.” Interestingly, there was quite a range of scores for the estrangement variable. Scores ranged from 0 to 27 (yes, one participant reported 27 specific others living in the world today who are “dead” to that person).

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5 Types of People who can Ruin your Life

Here are 5 Types of people that can ruin your life:

  1. Borderline – Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is one of the most common mental disorders. Symptoms include emotional instability, a history of unstable relationships, and impulsive behavior. These kinds of people can cause lots of drama and instability in your life.
  2. Narcissistic – If you know a narcissist, you know they only care about themselves, and this kind of thinking leads to them using and abusing you.
  3. Paranoid – People with Paranoid Personality Disorder (PPD) are always on edge and suspicious of things, leading to trust and commitment issues in a relationship.
  4. Antisocial – Antisocial Disorder is also called sociopathy, and people with this disorder tend to feel less. They might feel no guilt for anything at all, so they have no problems, lying, cheating, stealing, and even getting violent.
  5. Histrionic – People with histrionic personality disorder tend to be very self-centered and manipulative. They will make everything about them and use you to always get their way.
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The Criminal Justice System

The Majority of Sexual Assaults Are Not Reported to the Police

Only 230 out of every 1,000 sexual assaults are reported to police. That means about 3 out of 4 go unreported.1

  • Individuals of college-age2
    • Female Students: 20% report
    • Female Non-Students: 32% report
  • The elderly: 28% report3
  • Members of the military: 43% of female victims and 10% of male victims reported.4
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WHEN SHAME BEGETS SHAME: How narcissists hurt and shame their victims

This cutting-edge book, WHEN SHAME BEGETS SHAME: How narcissists hurt and shame their victims, is a highly readable book for everybody, both victims and clinicians alike. It demonstrates how the narcissist’s toxic spiraling shame can be easily triggered, and how their shame gets projected onto their victims, resulting in highly negative consequences for the victim.

The information in these pages is grounded in Christine’s 28 years of clinical experience, and on her own lived experience as a survivor of pathological narcissistic abuse throughout her childhood, and again later in adulthood.

This book gives serious attention to understanding both narcissistic abuse and shame related issues. It is an in depth study of how shame occurs, develops, and takes hold of a person’s life mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Christine also reveals the wonderful defence mechanisms, the disowning of self, the addictions, and the behaviours that both victims and narcissists construct to deal with their chronic shame. The cost of bypassing shame has unforeseen consequences for the individual, therefore it needs to be addressed. This book starts that process.

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This Is How Epstein Manipulated Young Girls – The Organic Prepper

Jeffrey Epstein “was” apparently a serial molester of children. He had manipulation down to an art form, as many molesters do. He seemed to be an expert at figuring out a girl’s weak point, whether it was poverty, a deceased family member, or feeling alienated from her peers.

This is a common ploy. Many molesters seek out children or teens who have lost a parent and use this as a way to build a friendship. Then, because children don’t think like adults, they are manipulated, coerced, or threatened into sexual activity.

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How to Stop Abusive Thoughts and Emotions

The verbal and mental abuse that Matt experienced during his 15 years of marriage was extreme. His wife would yell calling him names and then ignore him for weeks. She badgered him constantly, lied to him about what happened, manipulated the finances, and alienated him from his kids. The last straw was when one of his kids started treating him the same way his wife did. He asked for a divorce.

After a lengthy and equally abusive divorce process, Matt was finally free from the daily assaults. He believed that leaving would be the hardest part of the battle, but it wasn’t. Instead the worst part happened after the divorce was finalized much to his surprise. He experienced an internal barrage of abusive thoughts and intense emotions which flooded him especially at night, rendering him shocked and confused.


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Hundreds Of Child Sex Abuse Lawsuits Filed

Hundreds, likely thousands of lawsuits were expected to be filed on the first day. The Catholic Church, the Boy Scouts of America, public school districts and possibly even deceased financier Jeffrey Epstein are among the likely targets.

“This is a momentous time for courageous survivors who have waited so long for justice in New York,” said Jeff Anderson, an attorney whose firm, New York-based Jeff Anderson & Associates, plans to file hundreds of civil molestation lawsuits Wednesday on behalf of clients.