This is what Alienated Adult Children look like BEFORE.

Top right hand corner – my brother and my son.

Photo next to it – my son and daughter together

Bottom left – my mum and my daughter

Top left – My mother, son, daughter and me at Christmas

Third photo bottom – my mum and my son



Many of you send me messages asking “what happens to older alienated children”?


As you can see my family had a great relationship with both my children, (all other photos have been destroyed by my ex partner) these were salvaged from my mothers house.

Its less than a year since my amazing brother who was “my night in shining armour” died tragically, he was only 2 years older than me, it will be his birthday in two days time, and I miss him terribly.

Its not that long ago since my mother died.

I waited and waited for a message, phone call, card or text from my daughter or son.

To this date I have received nothing, not a word of condolence from either of them who are now in their forties. To make matter worse I have been told that my daughter and her father laughed hysterically when they heard my mother had died!!!

This is what happens to teenagers when they are in the hands of the parental alienator.

They will probably do the same if they come across this post.

No Empathy, No Emotion, Uncompassionate.

How sad to live a life of emptiness, devoid of any feelings.

This is what Alienated Adult Children look like.


Linda – Always By Your Side


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