Been there, done that, worn the T shirt!

Have you ever… • Felt victimized, been swindled or lied to by your best friend; • Loaned money to loved ones who squandered the gift and never paid you back; • Had to fight unscrupulous prosecutors for your freedom; • Been forced to defend yourself from your vengeful ex or your ungrateful children; • Bumped into a beguiling, but shifty, stranger? If so, you’ve crossed paths with someone operating with Empathy Dysfunction (EmD). In this book, psychologist, Dr. Kathy Marshack, helps you not only understand why this is happening, but how to protect yourself from those hell-bent on destroying you. Narcissists, sociopaths, addicts, brain injured, autistics, a vengeful ex, corrupt city officials and greedy neighbors. What do these people have in common? According to Licensed Psychologist, Dr. Kathy Marshack, they all lack empathy. She ought to know. She endured a 12-year perfect storm of divorce, lawsuits, assaults, cyberstalking, false arrests, predatory prosecution, and the loss of her children to parental alienation. Throughout all these experiences she noticed there was a common theme, namely people with Empathy Dysfunction (EmD). Dr. Kathy Marshack does more than share her unbelievable true story, she shares: • Hard-learned lessons on how to stand up for yourself when dealing with people who could literally care less about you. • A way to identify those with a dysfunctional lack of empathy using the new Empathy Dysfunction Scale (EmD Scale), so you can shield yourself from the destruction they leave in their wake. • Clues you should never ignore for your own safety – like a rotten neighbor, friends who start believing the nasty gossip spread by your ex-partner, or a nagging feeling you’re being watched. Pay attention, it may be because “they” really are out to get you. • Warrior training to protect yourself from dangerous people. If you’ve been hurt just once, or maybe too many times to count, by a person with EmD, apply the warrior training in this book, increase your own empathy to a higher level, and reclaim the beautiful life you are meant to live.

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