Someone is trying to ruin and destroy my life, what should I do?

1. Someone is trying to ruin and destroy my life, what should I do?

Don’t lose sleep over it. Knowing that they want to ruin your life is great. That is one half of the problem solved. Follow the steps outlined in this article for the other half. Take all the steps listed in this article, and you will beat them at their game.

2. Why does my female friend try to sabotage my success and turn everyone against me but at the same time acts so innocently like she doesn’t know what she is doing and it wasn’t her intention?

First of all, it is important to stop calling her your friend because she is not. A friend will not do what she is doing. She has no respect for you or your friendship and is obviously trying to destroy you and your success. As hard as it is to believe, you have to understand that she does not have your best interest at heart. Her only interest is to destroy and finish your success and reputation. Avoid her at all costs if you want to salvage your success and reputation.

3. What do you do when someone is trying to sabotage you and your life any way they can?

Cut them off completely. Don’t wait for their sabotage and destruction to finish you off. Cut off from them completely and save your life. Don’t even try to confront them because they will deny it vehemently and make you feel and look stupid. Cut and severe all ties with them and move on.

4. What are the signs of someone wanting to destroy your life?

If they show you one or all or some of the 13 signs listed in this article, then they want to destroy your life.

5. Why do people destroy other peoples’ lives and then go with their own lives as if nothing happened?

It is as we said earlier in this article, it gives them a very dark sense of satisfaction just knowing that they have destroyed another person’s life. Read the first section in this article for a more detailed explanation.

6. If someone is trying to ruin your life, is there anything you can do to stop them?

Yes indeed. You can stop them by cutting them completely out of your life and not letting them close to you. When you keep them out, they have no way of ruining your life.

7. How do you protect yourself from someone who is trying to destroy your life?

You protect yourself by cutting them out of your life and keeping them on the outside. If they are on the outside, they have no information to destroy you with. Remember to also limit the information you share with their other friends because this will then get back to them.

8. What are some less obvious hints that your “friend” is trying to sabotage your success?

They will display the 13 signs listed in this article. If you don’t pay attention to their actions, you will miss these less obvious hints.

9. Can people ruin your life just for fun?

Yup, they can. Sadly for some people, ruining other people’s lives for fun gives them a kick. Those are the kind of people you definitely do not want in your life.

10. What should I do if someone keeps ruining your reputation and people around you inevitably believe it?

Cut off from them, and if these people are important to you, work on redeeming your reputation by acting towards them in ways contrary to the bad reputation created by your “friend”. With your consistent actions, it will hopefully change the wrong perception they have about you.

If they are not too important to you, don’t lose sleep over it. Cut off your “friend” and move on. In time they will see that your “friend” was wrong.

11. How can you deal with people who ruin your life?

Cutting them off from your life completely is the best way to deal with them and the best punishment for them. Not knowing what you are up to, it will drive them up the wall.

12. A manipulative person destroyed my reputation and poisoned my social circle against me. How can I convince them he’s lying?

First of all, it goes to show you the quality of your social circle. Your friends who know you well enough will not believe just about anything about you because they know you. You may need to ask yourself if you want to bother convincing people who were so quick to believe lies about you without giving you the benefit of the doubt. Ask yourself if it’s really worth it because it may not be.

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