What Makes Future Faking So Harmful?

It’s normal for couples to talk about the future once things get more serious. They might discuss vacations they want to take together, how many kids they intend to have, or what their wedding will look like.

But when someone you’re dating talks a big game about what you’ll do together down the road without delivering on their promises, that can be pretty confusing, not to mention downright frustrating.

If this scenario sounds familiar to you, you may very well have dated a “future faker.” Similar to other games people might play in order to get what they want while dating — leaving digital breadcrumbs in the form of an occasional text or social media push just to keep someone on the hook, for instance — future faking is another manipulative form of seduction that involves telling someone exactly what they want to hear. They keep you around by giving you false hope for the future, but deep down, they have no intention of keeping their promises.

Whether you’ve already dealt with a future faker, you think you’re dating one now, or you just want to strengthen your radar so you can avoid these deceivers down the line, here’s everything you need to know about this destructive dating trend.


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