How Do Narcissists Treat Their Friends?

How do Narcissists treat their friends? The same way they treat everyone else – not great. Narcissists are not conscious of their character traits. What you will find is that the relationship is very one-sided, as in it’s all about them.

As much as the narcissist tries to act as if they care about their friends, their actions make it clear that their wants and needs are all they are concerned about.

If you are reading this, you’ve probably seen some red flags and you have started asking yourself questions like, can narcissists have friends? Or, do narcissists have true friends? The answer is found in the way they treat the people in their inner circle.

1. They Don’t Like Advice

2. Their Behaviour is Extreme

3. They Will Remind You of What They’ve Done For You

4. Their Way or the High Way

5. You Feel Drained When You Are With Them

6. They Talk About People Behind Their Backs

7. The Narcissist is Self Adsorbed

8. They Have a Lack of Empathy

9. They are Manipulative

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