Money Money Money

Money Money Money

I have received many questions from alienated parents asking what would it take to reverse PA after many, many years?

Sadly I cannot answer that, I can only tell you from my own experiences.

My daughter has been in and out of my life over the past 15 years, more out than in. I have missed all the significant events in her life, birth of grandchildren etc, birthdays and Christmas’s. She use to blame her ex and her father but I have discovered recently that it was her own choice and no one else’s. When I once asked her “what if one day you all In love with someone who has nothing” Her reply was “that will never ever happen, I will never stay in a relationship with someone who does not have loads of money” Speaks volumes………

When I asked her why my son had not seen me for over 30 years her response was “he will talk to you if you give him 10,000 pound”. Even if I win the lottery this is never going to happen.

On every single occasion I was lured in by her fake persona, believing that she really wanted a relationship with me, and on every single occasion the same thing would happen. Eventually after luring me into a false sense of security it would come. The guilt trip, asking for money to pay debts, horses, bills, etc etc. Immediately after paying she would dump me, just like everyone else she knew. I fell for this several times over the years. 

Why did I believe I was any different from anyone else she she used and abused??

So after many years of no contact, and being raised by her money orientated father, who is exactly the same, why would either of them be any different?

I have been raised to believe that relationships, friendship and love are built on mutual respect and trust, money has nothing to do with it. But everyone is different

So my advice would be to be true to yourself, do no try to buy their love. Live a good honest life free from the shackles of Parental Alienation.

Focus on the people who do want to be in your life, embrace the good.

Live you best life.

Linda – Always By Your Side

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