There is a better way

I bring with me years of relationship experience (both good and bad), I perform Counseling and Therapy using a combination of unique therapies. I am passionate about the work I do and have a desire to help other people get what they deserve! I understand that all people are different and that no one persons past hurt or current circumstances are the same. I will use my knowledge, experience and intuition to help you overcome those negative and destructive patterns that are holding you back right now. I will teach you how to get to the core of these issues, so you can create an abundant life, move on after a hurtful break-up, build a successful business and find real intimacy and an authentic love that you always dreamt of!

“There is a better way – TRUST ME I KNOW, because I have been there, where you are right now.”

3 thoughts on “There is a better way

  1. I pray you are correct! In September we go to court, my step and I against his kids mother. She should be pictured next to the definition of parental alienation. In Maine it is so hard to prove , we can’t use copies of conversations in text or on messenger, I kept a journal but can’t use any of that. My only hope is she has no real reason for keeping them from him except she wanted to. They lived with me on and off so when the baby was 1.5 and the other 4 , they had lived with me more than anywhere else combined! Then a year later she took them from me and it’s been 3 years. Grandparents need to have more rights, case workers and state workers should have better training on being manipulated, kids should have more priority. This has aged me and put me in the hospital more times than I care to remember. Her defense is I am not blood but they called me grammie since day one. They are my grand babies and he is my son!


    1. Hi Tracy I think it is hard to prove in any country! The judges tend to watch the body language and behaviour and look for any discrepancies in the statements. Unfortunately grandparents in the UK don’t have any rights, you can spend 1000’s in court to no avail.Sorry to hear that this has caused you so much ill health, it does take its toll. Sometimes the grandchildren reach an age where they realise what’s happening and make their own decisions. My grandson has done exactly that and I now I talk to him on a regular basis and hope to see him soon. His mother (my daughter) has done everything she possibly can to try and stop him. Love always wins in the end. Good luck in September and look after yourself. Linda – Always By Your Side


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