Teaching Hatred to Children

Hatred is defined as in-tense ill will, great dislike or aversion, enmity and malevolence. Synonyms for hatred include abhorrence, detestation, and hostility.1The definition of hatred is important when considering that children taught to hate have been psychologically abused.

Psychologic abuse, as defined by Kieran O’Hagan, is “the sustained inappropriate behaviour which damages, or substantially reduces, the creative and develop-mental potential of crucially important mental faculties and mental processes of a child; these include intelligence, memory, recognition, perception, attention, language and moral development.”2 Children taught to hate various racial, ethnic, religious or national groups suffer a corruption of their moral development. It is this corruption of moral development that clearly satisfies the definition of psycho-logic abuse. There is only the need to define acceptable moral development to demonstrate how teaching children to hate results in children whose beliefs and behaviors represent the antithesis of those needed to promote a mentally healthy, constructive, and peaceful society. The urgency to address the teaching of hatred to children stems from the well-known linkage between learned hatred and resultant violent speech and actions


Photo by Victoria Borodinova on Pexels.com

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