Teaching Children to Hate Is Psychologic Abuse

Many of the human values considered as virtues by the civilized world have been outlined previously in this article. In general, religion makes it clear that tolerance, respect for individual differences, reverence for life, and mutual understanding are expected from members of various faiths. Similar virtues are outlined in the United Nations documents The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and The Convention on the Rights of the Child. The “philosophy of virtue” also supports these plain moral facts.

Contrary to these moral assertions, there are those who believe that oppression and the actual murder of fellow humans are permissible, under certain circumstances. These attitudes represent aberrations demonstrated by certain religious groups or cults that use religious distortions to further their own agenda. As previously mentioned, the Wahhabists are an example of such a hate-promoting religious group, while the white supremacy groups are examples of cults with racist, hate-filled doctrines.

The “categorical imperative” of Kant quickly indicates the problem with allowing the groups teaching hatred to go forward. A  world full of various enclaves of individuals who hate each other would be a very difficult one in which to live. Just knowing that hatred leads to violent speech and then violent actions should make everyone very uncomfortable. Citizens would always be looking over their shoulders to see who would be about to do them harm. That is not unlike the description of the situation today, in the face of world terrorism. Therefore, using Kant’s test, the teaching of hatred is clearly undesirable and properly characterized, as a vice


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