Explaining How Hatred is Programmed into the Minds of Children

It has been suggested that the “Psychological Descent
into Violence [1]” is associated with a continuum of attitudes
that progress from simple bias, to prejudice, to bigotry and
finally to hatred [2]. It is only when hatred is developed in
the minds of individuals that there is the likelihood of
premeditated violence directed against a particular target
group. Hatred is an emotion or passion and a form of
delusional thinking [2]. It requires an object, the choice of
which may be rational or irrational [2]. Recent research
provides insight into the psychological and neurobiological
mechanisms leading to tunnel vision hatred [3-6]. It is
hopefully through the enhanced understanding of these
mechanisms that remedies can be developed to counter the
programming of persons to hate. Instituting these remedies,
could help avoid the irreversible compromise in the lives of
those taught to hate and their victims.

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