Why Would Someone Want To Destroy You?

  • A person who wants to destroy a man’s life or destroy someone’s reputation usually comes close to that person, so that they can understand them enough to know how to go about destroying and wrecking them.
  • This article will explain why people destroy others, how to recognize a person who will ruin your life, and what to do when someone is trying to ruin and destroy your life and reputation.

Sometimes people try to destroy you because you have something they want and can’t seem to get. Destroying you gives them a dark sense of satisfaction in knowing that because they can’t have it and have destroyed your chances at it, you also can’t have it.

When a person is out to destroy you, your misery is their satisfaction. Your sadness is their joy, and your pain is their happiness. They couldn’t be bothered if they destroy a man’s life or break someone mentally because of the destruction.

And the unsettling thing about people like this is that you have done nothing wrong to them. Just because you have something they want and desire, you become their target. Such people are usually known either as sociopaths, psychopaths, or toxic people. In extreme and dangerous cases they may have an antisocial personality disorder.


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