Dealing with a Compulsive Attention-Seeker

Not getting ample attention causes real harm; loneliness is a sad and silent killer (see “10 Tips that Can Help You Get Past Loneliness”). On the other hand, receiving incessant attention can cause huge problems for both the demanding person and the community. The demanding person might grow increasingly dependent on external attention and develop a shallow and unstable sense of self. Usually, this causes anxietydepression, and an angry demand for more and more attention.

Most incessant attention-seekers suffer from nagging insecurity and must get their “fix” of attention to feel the resemblance of inner peace. While he or she might look vibrant, there is a great deal of suffering in “wanting more.” True happiness is the absence of wanting more and an openness to the world as it unfolds. 

Meanwhile, the environment of an attention-seeker becomes barraged with demands; everybody gets exhausted and charged with emotions. As drama unfolds, everybody becomes unhappy.

The most compulsive attention-seekers suffer from the behavioral patterns of a Histrionic Personality Disorder and truly inflame family, friends, teachers, therapists, or even a wider community.

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