Ill-informed Therapist or Narcissistic Therapist?

As Professor Glenys Parry, thechief investigator of the Adverse Effects of Psychological Therapies study, notes, Most people are helped by therapy, but anything that has real effectiveness, that has the transformative power to change your life, has also got the ability to make things worse if it is misapplied or it’s the wrong treatment or it’s not done correctly.”

Those who are narcissistic go into this profession for disturbingly different reasons: they are looking for sources of narcissistic supply (sources of attention, power, entertainment, and ego-stroking praise). Narcissistic therapists are the ultimate covert wolves in sheep’s clothing, donning a false mask of sincerity and altruism all while enjoying the control and power they have over their clients. Unlike ethical therapists, they abuse their authority to gaslight, invalidate, and terrorize those who are already wounded.

Therapists who may not be knowledgable about covert abuse can still have empathy for others and have the capacity to learn and evolve; narcissistic therapists, however, mirror the same form of manipulation tactics as the survivor’s original abuser. They possess the same kind of callous lack of remorse and excessive sense of entitlement as narcissistic individuals in relationships exhibit. What’s more, they possess the power and authority to target at-risk and especially vulnerable populations with their mind games.

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