Have you ever listened to a podcast only to think it sounds so familiar??

Then a few days later you are studying away and find the exact same text in a journal or on a medical website!!!

It appears to be happening more and more these days, nothing is original, just the same old courses and podcasts being rehashed and marketed by someone else.

Some don’t even bother to change the illustrations and graphics, or even give credit to the original owner.

I often posts things from other peoples sites but ALWAYS INCLUDE a link to their site, but I wouldn’t dream of plagiarising someone else’s work and claiming it as my own! And it does not stop at podcasts, courses and website posts, sometimes its strap lines, and unique phrases to a particular business.

Years ago I came across this problem and created my own unique poster well before the caricature avatars appeared on the scene back in 2013.

Well you could see it as a compliment, but the fact that there is very little originality out there is becoming a little boring to say the least.

Unless you do something different and original you are never going to stand out, I no longer bother listening to podcasts, your better off just doing a Google search to choose which version you actually want to read or listen to.

I prefer the original source, these are the people who have taken the time and trouble to study and research their topic before putting something together. These are the articles that usually focus on the content not the illustrations.

I have a list of original authors who are experts in their field on my FAQ, authors and experts who have spent decades researching, writing and sharing, not being given the recognition they deserve.

So please, if you find something of interest that belongs to someone else, at least give them some credit for their original work.

Rant over

Linda – Always by your side

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