PARENTAL ALIENATION: Factualising the Proudman Myth & debunking the Barnett Theory.

Dr Adrienne Barnett, a former Barrister and lecturer at Brunel University, claims in her paid research for the Ministry of Justice into domestic abuse family law cases found that Parental Alienation was only found to be a tactic played by abusive men to further abuse their victim where DA has been found in the relationship. A pro bono research study conducted by myself and Cynthia Garba LLM found that Dr Barnett neglected to include cases of Parental Alienation in her research where mothers had lied about domestic abuse, therefore victimising males, giving Judges the grounds to rule in favour of loving fathers who, for falsified reasons, had been prevented from practising their parental responsibilities and prevented from having a meaningful relationship with their children. Dr Barnett claimed that no cases existed, which we found to be untrue. She also claimed that there was a gap in claims of PA after the disbandment of fathers rights group. However, we were able to find the cases that Barnett neglected to include quite easily, which can be found in our critique. Maybe this clear mistake was due to her using ‘Casemine’ as her research method, rather than using recommended legal platforms like ‘Westlaw’ and ‘LexisNexis’. We found this rather odd given her former career as a Barrister. Further, she failed in her attempts to report the true reality of Parental Alienation where there was a history of females abusing males, simply claiming that it did not exist, which was wholly untrue. The response to Dr Barnett’s research can be found at and Dr Barnett’s Literature review and research of Parental Alienation can be found at Domestic abuse and private law children cases ( To date, Barnett has not responded.

The programme highlighted that more research is needed, and that is true. We cannot rely on a self proclaimed expert and a researcher who is selective in choosing which data to use to provide us with all the intricacies of parental alienation born from abusers twisting its meaning. 

The above is the starting point. Report this

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Clara JenningsHead of Legal & Media at The Change For Children | Aspiring BarristerPublished • 1d4 articlesFollowThe dispatches programme highlighted Parental Alienation as a tool that male abusers use to further abuse their female victims. The participants who were filmed or who were played by actors were never in relationships where they claimed domestic abuse existed. We did not learn what Parental Alienation actually is in this programme, I hope to shine a small light on it. hashtag#childrenhashtag#parentshashtag#familycourthashtag#parentalalienation*%2Curn%3Ali%3AugcPost%3A6825147094832070656%29

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