Twisted Sisters

One of the best things about women’s groups is the other women. Getting to hang out in women only spaces and talk about women’s stuff without apologising or qualifying, coz other women just get it eh? One of the worst things about women’s spaces is the other women. ‘Coz they’re great about periods, night feeds, angry teenagers and violent exs, but there’s always something you don’t agree with them about, and then they turn on you, like you were the dirt bag ex everyone was ditching, only five minutes previous.

Doesn’t happen to all women, obviously, but it happens to plenty of us. And when when women slag you off it’s always worse then when men do. As a feminist, I’m used to blokes telling me I’m ugly, bigoted, deluded and, my personal favourite ‘in need of a good fuck’. It all goes over my head. What they are really trying to articulate is their frustration with my politics and my abject refusal to give a fuck what they think. When a woman insults me, it cuts deeper. They too, are articulating their frustration with my politics but because they are female they are socialised to be polite so they do it in more subtle ways.

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