Notice of Disassociation

A Notice of Disassociation is a request to credit agencies to unlink individuals who are financially linked and demonstrates to potential lenders and creditors that a couple is no longer together. 

To be successful when requesting one of these notices, applicants will need to ensure there is no active financial link between them and their spouse. 

So, for instance, closing any joint bank accounts should be high on your list of priorities, but applying to the credit agency to have that joint account removed from your credit listing will disassociate you from your spouse. 

If the only financial link between two individuals is a joint mortgage, a Notice of Disassociation can be applied for to demonstrate the relationship has ended. 

Bear in mind that a Notice of Dissociation is only likely to be successful if a couple has been living apart for more than six months and has the financial records to prove it – i.e. individual bill payments for different properties.

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