Finishing School!

Had a good laugh this morning when looking for some documents and came across these two!

Go to finishing school my mother said “after you will meet a nice young man, someone with the same background and family values”

Ha Ha, how wrong she could be!

Instead I meet a money grabbing, narcissistic, parasitic mind disordered individual who continues with his revenge for divorcing him to this day.

It just goes to show, that no amount of schooling and deportment can prepare you for the deceitfulness and love bombing when the Narcissist targets YOU.

Completely naive and unprepared I entered into a world of deception and manipulation, which has been carried down through the generations and continues.

Nothing prepares you for Parental Alienation, the secret is in finding your way back.

I am a survivor 30 years on, and my life is now completely different. Full of confidence, financially independent, and living in France.

I have used my time wisely and have become a fully qualified Therapist and Counsellor helping others to survive the minefield of Parental Alienation.

I am here to help you and guide you through it,

Linda – Always by your side

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